Everything you need to know about legendarys

Big spreadsheet of everything

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Due to the recent drop rate increase, the %Rate is likely off. Additionally the usefulness rating is somewhat questionable, especially when an Infinity Pistol is rated at 7/10 and rated higher than a Conference Call Shotgun and a Bitch SMG. Also our residential Jakobs representative and afficionado, @Troubled would probably like a word about The Maggie being rated 2 points lower then the Infinity Pistol.

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I want to know how a peashooter whose only good trait is infinite ammunition trumps a hand cannon that acts like a shotgun, has really good stats, and whose only bad prefix is two-fer.


It’s asking me to download something. Nuh uh.


Really? Two great weapons rated lower than the Infinity pistols. I guess this just re-affirms what many people already know. Infinity is the most over hyped/rated weapon I this game.

And while I don’t rank the Bitch as great per se, it’s certainly very good and much better than the Infinity.

CCall and Maggie should be 9’s and Bitch 8, IMO. Maybe .5 lower on those 3…but somewhere in that range.

Infinity 5 maybe 5.5

Well, I can at least confirm that the download file is safe meaning there are no viruses. But you do need Excel to view it.

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Everything you need to know about grammer… “legendaries”. XD

Grammar is the correct spelling…

Back on topic, I can’t view the spreadsheet but in my opinion the only weapons in this game that should get 10 ratings:

Unkempt Harold

Just off the top of my head, sure I’m missing something and I suppose you could nitpick with a couple of those…

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Yeah some of the weapons have ratings that are either over inflated or really low.

The problem with this rating system is it is throwing all the classes into one big pot which is wrong. What works well on Zer0 may not work well on Krieg. What Salvador loves to use may not be so handy on Maya and so on and so forth.

Some weapons such as the Unkempt Harold are okay but go to the next level with a certain prefix while for others it really does not matter all that much about the prefix on the weapon such as the Hydra or the Maggie.

That is just the classes and not builds or items that make average weapons into army killing machines. Gaige can make just about any shock weapon a murder cannon with her abilities, Krieg can melt armored enemies with fire weapons, Salvador can kill Hyperius with a potato gun, Zer0 can pop a skag a mile off with just about any sniper rifle, and Maya can mow down enemies with an SMG she bought out of the bargain-bin at Wal-Mart.


The drop rate is questionable for bosses with multiple drops. Only one can ever drop so the actual drop rate is divided by how much they have in the pool (BNK-3R with Bitch, Sham, Head = 1.111% each but 3.333% for any of them although it is triple of that now). It’s like opening one of 10 boxes which contains several smaller boxes but you’re only allowed to open one of those.
Tubbies will always drop something. I’ve killed a lot of them and there was always something. COMs are the most likely to appear after you reach 64 and they are in the favor of the class you are using (play as Siren and you’re more likely to get her COMs). Pearls are very definitely not in the same pool as they will always be an additional drop. If you find one you will also get a normal Legendary drop.
Good call on explaining the Creature Slaughter Dome Ch/Tubby farming method however. It is one of the best ways indeed.

The Flakker gets a 3? I know it is very tough to master but… really?


While I certainly applaud you for putting this together, OP, your title is misleading because this is not everything we need to know about legendary weapons. Sure there’s a lot of factual information, but the ratings and your notes are purely opinion. There’s a reason why every VH’s section here has a top gear thread - it’s so we can all comment on various gear that’s perfect for a particular toon. For example, as others have said, the Infinity is a gun with a gimmick and is easily outclassed by other pistols that do more damage and kill much more quickly. Sure you won’t run out of ammo with an Infinity, but that’s little consolation when it takes you 3x as long to kill a rabid as it would shooting something like a DPUH in its face. Personally I think this should all be in your OP and only have factual information. That and you could fix the wiki seeing as how some of its information is wrong.

By the way, you forgot the Ogre from Tiny Tina’s DLC.

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This is very true, but a weapon like the Harold really doesn’t have a truly bad prefix. I believe it’s just that powerful. While it does have a couple drawbacks, it’s power overweighs them. Even Hard or Intense Harolds will wreck almost everything in the game. They’re are even better for regular mobbing as a Double is just overkill.

And while it’s certainly very powerful on Sal, Krieg and Axton, it’s still effective on any character.

Edit: Flakker got a measly 3? Not sure what to say about that…sure it has some serious potential drawbacks but those are evened out with some serious damage potential.

It’s a good universal weapon that is easy to use. I only use it on Krieg as a FFYL weapon.

Yeah I noticed that too. Blutfatal will throw a fit if he ever sees that.


For those complaining about the rating on the infinity, what the ■■■■, who cares. I did the ratings months ago and they are only there for novelty, I am not a big fan of the infinity and it’s not that bad for playing through the game. I would appreaciate it if yall stopped complaining about 1 small detail and just be greatful that you have this now. GOOGLE DOCS VERSION FOR THOSE WHO DONT WANT DOWNLOAD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18IQ1tav-Lao7_bYO7Rozon6T3huP3W0xZppx4BkGyis/pubhtml

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I know not everything is there, I didn’t put this together for the public, I did it for myself and a friend. Bacisally so I could look at it if I hadn’t played in a while and see what I should be doing. I decided to post it on account of the handsome collection and the number of people looking for information on legendarys. Thats why there is heavy opinion.

Yes the drop rates are all x3 now, so all those 3%s have been boosted to 9%.

Just be grateful? Lol, ok…I can pretty much guarantee that everyone who posted about the rankings doesn’t need this list. The only people that would need a list like this are newer players and you’re trying to tell them that some of the best weapons in the game are average or bad?

If you’re going to make a spreadsheet and create a thread named ‘everything you need to know about legendary items’ and then have it be incomplete and have bad rankings then be prepared to get some criticism.


Most of us here. There are quite a few members who have gone to painstaking lengths to show the strengths and weaknesses of all the weapons in the game. Weapons formerly thought to be worthless have been shown to be incredibly powerful (Pimpernal and Flakker) and overhyped weapons having been called god weapons (Unkempt Harold) have been proven to just be good but not the best of the best. Some, if not most, of your ratings contradict work of those who have done their homework.

It’s called criticism and it is thrown at the best of us. Besides the drop rate boost you have provided most of the information is on the wikipedia (not the best source of information), old forums, and in most of the seasoned players noggins. No matter how harmless the information is if someone does not know better and do not read around they may take it to heart, such as your ratings on the equipment.

We are not here to pick a fight but to correct mistakes and ensure that the knowledge on these forums and those of the old forums remain intact.


I doubt that the TMNT and the assassins have 12% drop rate, at all