Everytime I want to use Hyperion build Sal I have to respec and switch off Steady as Goes

Annoying as hell tbh

Tbh tbh 20 characters tbh tbh

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You know, everything sucks about Sal, mechanics wise. Other than that he has two guns.


Seriously though, Sal is thoroughly misunderstood - he actually has the most complex mechanics in the game.

Anyways, yes @IceCat763 - it is rather annoying. One thing I found with the Lady Fist (and presumably other pistols) is that the stability prefix (Core) tends to overcome that. Requires a bit more testing though.

Still that’s just the way of it - like I said, complex mechanics. It’s like not being able to spec Inconceivable when using Jakobs. Annoying but you work around it.

Unfortunately what it means for me when leveling up is that I just ignore Hyperion for the most part - and that’s a shame.


Just never liked him as much as l liked Krieg or Axton.

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I agree that it’s annoying, but I think it’s part of the reason people use different builds. You want to use Hyperion guns, skip that skill. For me it’s no big deal because I don’t particularly like a lot of Hyperion weapons, but if I was going to use them I’d find someplace else for that skill point. It could be worse, after all. Respeccing is easy and relatively inexpensive. It’s an inconvenience, sure. But at least it’s an option.


witness the BEAST that is Hyperion shotty Sal!

yehh tbh though I was extremely lucky to find hype slag and corrosive shotties at same level :rofl:

I heard you were slating Sal. I just came to say two things…

That is all :rofl:


I’ll be honest though; the concept of Steady as She Goes is to allow ease of use as you’re Gunzerking, moreso if you manage to hit enemies with a bullet that increases accuracy. So Steady as She Goes, I’ve found, is designed with fast-firing, fully-automatic weapons in mind – primarily from the likes of Bandit, Vladof, and Dahl (to a lesser extent considering their recoil reduction gimmick). It really was never meant for non-SMG Hyperion guns as they don’t have a necessarily high rate of fire, Butcher aside.


Alright this post is just wrong in every way. Salvador is the most Overpowered character in any of the Borderlands games, here’s why

literally the whole skill tree of Gun Lust is beyond broken, you’ve got money shot, Divergent Likeness (great for Grog plus UKMH), Down not out (has saved me in so many occasions it’s unbelievable how good this skill is, Keep it Piping hot (Great when you need extra damage during cooldown), No kill like overkill (extremely good when mobbing like it’s almost as good as money shot), now onto Rampage, we have of course we have my favorite, Yippie Ki Yay which is great for running into places guns blazing when mobbing, steady as she goes and keep firing are great with Grog Unkempt harold, vladof guns, Dahl, Bandit, etc. I could go over so many skills that are great and show how mechanically skilled Gunzerker is, so for you to say that everything sucks about Sal is completely incorrect, i would encourage you to actually try this character and try again sir.

Try this bud
Basic build I made in like a minute to use a Stinger with Shock Damage, and Grog and Unkempt, and the reason I didn’t put more in Brawn is Brawn is better with Rough Rider, like using Out Of Bubblegum, I only put 5 into Incite because that is the best skill in Brawn in my opinion


Conference fisting with Keep Firing and i disagree, the firerates are absurd and CC makes it easy to hit something