Evil Lilith Boss is hard to hitted

she just keep moving and running, the only time she will be standing is using the throwing enery ball or alike that. i am playing MH10, i guess only markman can hit her , u can’t even get closer to her. what so bad is there was no time for high DPS output moment, she seem to have no weakness all the time,. then MH10 weapon is unable to give higher DPS enough to her , esp i didn’t farm or get the shortgun MH10 yet, LV65, and u have nothing to FFYL. i didn’t want to spend 30 mins to kill her

i can only ask what? as to ffyl you need to reach her second phase then you can second wind off of her portals she basically does no attacks so it is not hard to stay alive after every end o flight path she stops that is your dps moment, i dno it is quite a well designed fight aside from needlessly long immunity animation which works for story mode but does not work for farming

personally for me as zane snowdrift slide shot hellwalker memeing works so easy that she does go down in very few hits. jut time her middle arena teleport slide shot into her face and she disappears. yeah zane is quite a meme but basically any character with light show/dictator will obliterate her, she has many moments when she stops.

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I use the Laser Fare modifier so I can get second winds on her during her 1st phase.

I’ve been running a splash Moze using the Promp Critical with URAD on Sticky mode. It’s pretty effective against her.

i use Amara

I guess in Psychoscape Amara is spelled as ‘Maya’? :wink:

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Yeah, she is kind of obnoxious, but the more annoying thing to me is the phase change when you get her to half health feels like it takes forever.

Homing grenades. Learn her ‘tells’.

To be honest if she played like this in bl1 I would still be playing her .

Ruby’s Wrath is a good weapon for this fight. And yeah, learn her tells. She basically keeps appearing in the same few spots

Backburner is good too.