Evil smasher? yay or nay?

i just got the evil smasher on UVHM and i had totally forgotten about the glitch. is it still doable? or is it gone?

Its gone. For good.

well damn. thats a bummer haha. oh well

Yay if you’re looking for a good Torgue assault rifle.
Nay if you’re hoping to glitch/transfer the power up gimmick.

When powered up, this gun still has more gyro jet damage than any other Torgue assault rifle except the Kerblaster (if you combine the rocket and grenade damage), plus it comes with good fire rate and accuracy to keep the DPS up.

I like to prep the Evil Smasher right before a fight, use it up in the initial assault, then switch to other weapons and roll the dice for another power up in between lulls in combat.

On a related note, are there still different “levels” of power up? I understand the higher levels (bigger mag size, higher fire rate, higher accuracy) were more rare, but I have only noticed one level for some time now.