Evisceration Aegis

So I started playing Borderlands Pre-Sequel like 6 months ago, well college start4ed so I had to stop it. Well I’m wanting to play a little more of it, so I’m currently in a spot where I’m trying to gain a few levels and I’m doing that with some optional missions. I want to do the ones where I was forced to carry a mission gun. I was able to complete one, but the one I’m mentioning the “evisceration aegis” I have no clue which mission it is. I look on the internet and many people talk about a chill and inflammatory aegis, but not the evisceration one. I’m unsure which one to do and I even went through all the descriptions multiple times to see if it talks about it, where I’m unsure if I’m missing it or if it’s not there. Please help, I will be leaving a picture of what the gun looks like and the missions I have opened currently.

Hot Head mission in Hub of Heroism.