Evolutionary Emergence or Plentiful Healing?

I’ve been trying to master Miko lately and overall it’s really fun to play as. I usually go for a dedicated healer role rather than any sort of fusion DPS or any nonsense like that. for tier 3, I’m unsure which helix to take. I’ve been taking plentiful healing, but +13 healing when the base is 138 at level 3 doesn’t necessarily sound as amazing as i’d like it to.

I’ve calculated and with my +7% and +14% heal power gear at level 10, there is about a 40 HPS difference between the two depending if I took plentiful healing.

but the thing is- I’ve noticed myself constantly waiting for my cooldowns to be over so I can do a mass slow or use heal thyself to survive better.

so for more experienced heal-focused mikos: which do you prefer and why? the extra healing does seem useful with all the multiplicative buffs but quicker cooldowns also does too

this is the build I typically use (but obviously excluding quick draw as I wanted the non-partial option)


Regen gear + heal recive is rly good

I’ll chime into this with my experience and tag @FlamesForAll as well because he’s seen it happen,

I use the same build as you except I take plentiful healing

For gear I use a free shard gen -reload speed a heal power with more heal power after 180 seconds and a heal received with more heal received after 180 seconds

If you don’t have a tank handy HEAL THE ELITE/SHEPARD BOT! You can push a lane with that bot and it’ll take heavy fire and let your allies move right up. Once things get too hot disengage and leave it
At level 5/6 I actually walked an elite bot past the first sentry before it was destroyed since the enemy team didn’t have a consistent enough heal to stop it


Keeping a shepherd alive until the next one shows up with your elite bot.

I’ve always preferred to take the cooldown over a little bit of increased healing.
But then I play a more offensive support miko. I go for the more intense slow right away and opt for the stun on impact later on in the game. My goal is to harass as much as I can, or set-up an attacker to finish people off with the slow or stun as an enemy tries to run away. I prefer to not be stuck babysitting a character, and prefer to top off or start focus healing on allies when they start dropping below 75% health, especially if they have shields. I’d rather not have some character get a big head and end up dragging me to my death because they overestimate miko’s healing and survivability without shields and I don’t want to just up and ditch 'em completely. Even if you do play and pick a tank to support, you’ll help 'em out more efficiently by initiating attacks with them and stopping them in place for an easy finish- than only healing before your teammate really needs any healing.