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So I just watched a few videos on it and this game looks really fun.

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There supposedly actually is offline play, which means I’ll be able to pick it up when I eventually buy a PS4/X1, and not suddenly have the game become an unplayable error code a few months later when the servers are shut off, nor have a de facto subscription attached just to get past the title screen.

It’s ambitious to be sure. I like how they, up to now, are marketing the game like a sports event with commentary and the like. I think their characters as roles works really well and the monster design is very impressive.

I am hesistant, myself, to play 4 versus 1 though. I am not much for competitive multiplayer and this is really the ultimate if you are the monster. I also think it will take some very strategic team play.

Aside from that, it looks very enticing.

I liked the Alpha, somehow got 10 hours played in the first day with a friend of mine, but $80 is a helllll no for my wallet + the exchange rate makes it $100+.

Where are you seeing $80 and is that USD or which currency? Amazon preorder is $59.99 USD.


Steam. 2K raises their prices for every single game they publish on Steam for people in Australia ignoring that we have to pay in USD To begin with.

Oh well I am really sorry about that. Maybe it won’t be any good :smirk:


I have been really impressed with the way Turtle Rock handled the pre-launch. I hope other developers take note.

  • Weekly 3-4 hours stream every Friday on their twitch
  • Answering questions and feedback (big and small) from the stream
  • Hours and hours of gameplay footage on youtube for all the classes and monsters
  • The devs are VERY active on their forums and responding to community suggestions and inquires
  • The devs are very active on twitter/reddit as well

Turtle Rock is very confident about Evolve, they are not hiding anything. Every gamemode are featured on their channel, with at least 3-4 hours of footage per gamemode. The hunt mode alone has over 20 hours of gameplay people can check out. You either like Evolve or you don’t, no marketing, no pr buzzwords, just hours and hours of gameplay for YOU to make up your mind.

I am rooting for them so we will see how they handle the launch.


Colour me interested. Not sold, interested.

Rumors has it that one of the T4 Hunter is a dude with a raven, oh Mordecai…its so nice to see you branching out.

I’ve been involved in both the Alpha and the Beta just now, I do like the gameplay but currently like some of you guys am worried about whether there will be a strong and lasting player base.

Barely anyone on my Steam friends list who like L4D have had a look at it and many others who haven’t heard of it. I found myself beginning to feel a bit bored with the Hunt gamemode (I’d say 50 hours across both alpha and beta) but the player rankings list gave me incentive to keep playing (I’m number 4 as Griffin the trapper).

Has dropped off my list as a definite pre-order, I’m fearing a fate like Titanfall.

I think people forget about the other game modes aside from the hunt mode. I am not too concern with balancing at this point because the game is pretty balance aside for a few things here and there which I am sure will be ironed out with post launch patches.

My main concern is that all the DLCs may be putting a lot of people off. Some people are constitutionally against them so they are never going to give 2K/TRS any inch. I got the $100 Edition to cover myself but I know a lot of my friends won’t do that.

One of the main issues with Titanfall was the lack of private/custom lobby at launch, TRS already confirmed that there will be private, custom, and even solo only (bots) lobby support. So at least at that end the game is doing a better job than Titanfall.

I personally can’t get enough of the game, I also have trouble understanding why it is repetitive, name a multiplayer game that isn’t. In a PvP environment it is the little things that occur during a session that makes that match different than the rest, and Evolve has enough of that to keep me interested for at least a year.

I got a bit excited when I saw Evacuation mode listed when I started the beta, but it was only the video trailer :cry:. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this mode plays out to decide whether to get it.

For me personally, money isn’t an issue though it is nice to get value for your money, but as you discussed there seems to be a lot of people against the $60 price tag and the dlc costs, which is affecting my main concern - will there be a decent player base. I hope at the very least they can get a niche following like Natural Selection 2 community.

I don’t understand all the comments about repetitive either though I suspect it is more to do with how each game played out in their alpha/beta experience so far - e.g. Chasing the monster for 15 minutes, monster player levels to Stage 3, defend relay with the hunter team usually losing. One could say it’s the trappers fault, but as a Trapper main so far, I believe the whole team needs to be decent at tracking not just the Trapper themselves to be effective. That and sometimes a great monster player is a great monster player.

You’re probably following the forums as well with the topic about providing monster players more incentive to attack at early stages over just waiting to get to Stage 3. I do feel sometimes after a string of games where you just chase and wait ( happened a lot recently against Wraiths) I found myself getting bored.

I think lot of the more experienced monster players are using their stage 1 armor to test out a small scrimmage against the hunters. That fight happens after you gain enough food for evolution, but you don’t want to waste all the armor. So the idea is to use it on the small fight against the Hunters to get a strike or two. I have seen good monsters bait out a fail Dome and engage the hunters for a small battle just to get some strikes, even at level one. Once that armor is gone the monster will bail out of the fight for more armor and repeat the process. Granted Lazarus can change that tactic up quite a bit.

That’s what I notice was different in this Beta compare to the Alpha where for most part the Monster just sneaked the whole time till Stage 3.

I’ve been doing exactly that playing as monster for this beta after seeing the forum thread that proposes the case to use the armor, since its lost when you evolve anyway. It suits my playstyle since I generally like to be aggressive, not really the sneaky sneaky type if I don’t have to be :smile:

I’ve also enjoyed the new combinations with hunters that have opened up - e.g. myself as Griffin and someone as Cabot. My sensors allowing him to dust tag, and the damage amplifier surprisingly is a great visual aid in highlighting for example a Kraken in the forest, which let me aim my harpoon gun much more easily and preventing it run away.

As you can tell, I’m bit confused with Evolve atm - another month I guess to wait and see.

I had so much fun in Alpha and Beta, really can’t wait for release, was worth $60 to me. The thing I like the most about this game is if you’re playing hunter, it encourages social interaction because teamwork is the key to winning. So I hope this game has a really good community.

Im quite interested in this game, I like the idea of it and the gameplay Ive seen has been since Ive been watching streams of it on Twitch. When I get a ps4 I will have this game among my top choices.

Turns out I enjoy Defend and Rescue modes more than hunt

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That means I still have to pay $60 for DLC Quest. I do like Pizza though, 3 pizzas, two Cokes, 2 garlic bread $32 delivered, hella!
and I own DLC Quest already :^)