Evolved enemy type in Claptastic?

I sorely miss evolving Goliaths, and Varkids / Tubbys :smiley:

Any chance for one last content patch to bring us something evolvable (that’s a word now) in CL4P-TP’s mind?

Really looking forward to this Voyage, love ya!

Well, Eternals evolve, such as it is. After they ascend they gain elemental effects/resistance and go up a level, if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if this can happen multiple times on a single Eternal though.

Right, forgot about Eternals.

I don’t find evolving Eternals to be a challenge or rewarding lootwise.

With Goliaths you could get better loot, but you could also lead them to fight other targets for you, which was extremely satisfying.

With Varkids you had the chance for a Tubby and that loot.

Tubby CL4P-TPs, throwing that out there.

Just tubbies? I think you’re forgetting something. :wink:

Something large and Invincible with a small chance of spawning but that chance increases with more players mayhaps?

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I’m wondering what the parts where you visit previous Borderlands locations will be like. Is it gonna have the same enemies as the original games?

Like if we go to Tundra Express as an example, will there be Varkids? If yes then could we spawn Vermi?

I see digi Overlook and digi Destroyer’s Vault in the trailer. A digi-glitchy-Vermi would be awesome.We can hope.

I wonder if areas from BL2 will be available to revisit in this DLC? Sadly, I think only areas from BL1 will be eligible for revisiting since BL2 areas weren’t available in BL1-TPS…

I hope I am wrong. I want Varkids…

UNLESS…the customizable arena lets you choose enemies to spawn…and varkids are available. I will be soooooooo happy.

TL;TR: I want to fight Varkids again :frowning:

I never thought of that but it wouldn’t make sense if you could go to BL2 locations seeing as this is BL1.5 timeline wise.

Yes, though we don’t know where CL4P-TPs been on the planet pre and post BL1. Overlook is in BL1 and “the road to Sanctuary” is mentioned in BL1.

I hope its a raid boss that evolves into a bigger and bigger raid boss as the fight continues.

There was a part of one of the videos I watched (can’t remember which), where the player is being rushed by a Psycho, with a Bandit in the background.

So, my hope is that there will be every type of enemy from all three games. And that the customizable arena will let you choose all types of enemies if you want.

Can you imagine how fun a badass round with higher enemy density and, like, Varkids plus Loaders plus Goliaths plus Sera plus Kraggon plus Whatever would be?


That actually sounds pretty awesome. Plus I’m sure some of the difficulty nutjobs on here could put together some crazy hard enemy combos, challenges type stuff to add lots of replay value.

Since it’s supposed to be glitchy, wouldn’t it just be the ultimate troll to have this super mega ultra raid boss turn into a giant shock barrel when it reaches 1% health, then it downs everyone when it explodes thus leaving you with a respawn fee and no drops?


Raid boss runs it’s own antibody VaultHunter.exe inside CL4P-TPs mind in response to you.

I rather have XAN making a cameo, firing his shock ball and beaming us all to hell.

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Man, that’s some M. Night Shamahogalog stuff right there: What a twist!

I really hope that’s what happens because that would be awesome, he is the Alpha and the Omega after all.