Ewok and Friends Play Borderlands 2 (on Twitch)! [PC]

I wasn’t sure where exactly to put this, even after running a search of the forums first, so if it’s in the wrong area, please let me know?

I’ve teamed up with my younger brother and a friend of ours to stream Borderlands 2 on my Twitch channel for two hours on Monday nights starting at 9PM CST! (As of typing this on Monday at 7:53 US Central Time, we actually start streaming in about an hour.) We started two weeks ago and we’re just about to rescue Roland from the Warden robot. Last week we experimented with making the game public and we had a Psycho player join us, which was fun, so I’ll be making sure the game is public again this week (since the fourth person we started with in week 1 has a job that makes it hard for him to game with us at night).

I’d love to see and interact with you guys! If there’s anyone who wants to join us during a session, maybe we can work it out ahead of time since my group uses Discord instead of the in-game voice chat.