Ex 360 owners moving to ps4

So I see that cross save is only valid for Console “families” I do understand that somewhat, but what I do not understand is the loot you get when you sign in the first time on your new console of choice. 75 Keys? So If I bought my copy on 360, paid full price and paid full price for all the DLC, I am not entitled to any sort of bonus on my PS4? Is it me whining here or does that not seem to be fair???

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Blame Microsoft and Sony not wanting to work together. As far as I know, only Blizzard has enough influence to make them work together like this.

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I’m on the same boat as you, man. I’m also switching consoles for the next generation. I’m still hopeful that there will be a way around this in the near future, though.

I had all the dlc and max level on 4 characters on my 360, but sold my 360 for my xbox one. really really sucks going to have to start over.

I am also moving from 360 to ps4 anyone planning on playing borderlands 2 on ps4 add me White_WidowNZ

you should still get the loyalty rewards as long as your shift account details are the same across both systems. i went from 360 to ps4 and got all loyalty rewards no problem.