Exact Release Hour of DLC for NA?

Hey guys.

Is it worth staying up right til midnight tonight to immediately get the DLC?

Does anyone know the exact time of release?

Is there like one blanket time for all of NA or what?

Thanks in advance.

No. PS3 usually doesn’t update until 6-8 PM my time. Wait until tomorrow afternoon, man.

Unlock time will vary on your geographic location. Judging by former unlock times which always had been about what ACNAero wrote, I’d say it’s about noonish in NA, eveningish in Europe.
Which means do what ACNAero suggests, better get some sleep, then play it (depending where you are located) in the (after)noon/after work, well rested.

He lives two hours behind me. So it would be 4-6 PM for him.

Thanks, guys.

Xbox DLC doesn’t tend to release until about 3AM PST.

He’s PS3, Xbox time is irrelevant. I know he doesn’t specify PS3, but I play with him quite a bit.

Both Aurelia and Jack were available to me right when I woke up at 6 or 7 am on their respective release dates.

I won’t lie, I am going to be farily annoyed if I have to wait past 9 am to get this DLC!

I am loading up a 691 MB update right now. Fingers crossed.

We’ll unfortunately it lets you download the new DLC and when you finally enter game gives you this super long letter to sign off on but there isn’t the destination yet on fast travel. Quit teasing me Gearbox. Oh we’ll off to load it on my PS 4

Bought the Hansome Collection 11.62 GB. 95 minutes left but probably like the PS 3 but if I’m up I’ll let you know. I think tonight I say good buy to my beloved PS3 and hello to my never used PS 4

not sure of the accuracy of this statement but, there is a review of the upcoming weapons on here where its said 1pm est na

Well, 9 am mountain time and no Claptastic Voyage for PS3 yet.

The waiting is killing me…

Its already ot for Xbox, so maybe PS3 will be soon. Already got first glitched from a hyperion loot container

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Awesome, Zed / Ned!

Fingers crossed for soon!

It’s not out for Steam yet.



2 gigs!

WHY NOT 5?!?

Lol that’s a joke!

So excited!

I’ve had it available to me since 10:30 am EST and yet so far I’ve only had problems with it!! I have downloaded the 2GB part 4, yes FOUR, times now and it won’t work. I can see the Fast Travel destination, but when I click on it it says Download Again… So I’ve done that AGAIN now IN-GAME and when I hit continue afterwards, it says DL again… RAGING.

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That sucks, my friend!

My download will be done in 5, i hope it plays OK!

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What platform are you on?