Exact time of release on xbox?

I’m trying to do a 24hr play session startting exactly when battleborn realeases digitally on the xbox that includes time zone as well. Thanks for the help:)

I thought it was midnight PST

Thank you if any one could get me a sorce that would be great:-)

@leodiablo Remember if your in australia Battleborn servers are not turned on until 4th.
Australia is 16 hours ahead of the USA so we get the servers turned on the next day the 4th.

Making plans here myself. Pre-ordered last night and the game started downloading… At one point, the XB1 decided to troll me and claim that the game was ready to start. Yeah, didn’t think so! Will be nice to have the main game pre-loaded, though, given the size of the thing. Hopefully the day 1 patch isn’t also a monster!

@VaultHunter101 LOL What if Battleborn dose a Destiny game and the whole world jumps on and the servers die Ha Ha Ha

Pretty sure when i put the disk into the xbox one it came up saying there was a 400kb update.

Thanks for the help guys!!

@raizurhk The head Dev what was his name… JoeKGBX said there is a Day 1 update yep.

Joe is the Gearbox Community Manager. Randy Varnell is the Battleborn Creative Director.

Here’s the official blog post with all the specifics :slight_smile:

Thank you:-)