Exactly how rare is a hive drop in normal mode

I was xp farming for my Sal and I got a hive drop. Did they higher the drop rates for it bc if ik some people used to farm weeks for it.

I’ve never got one but then I’ve never farmed for it. That said, my recent NVHM run was replete with legendary drops. Practically every single boss dropped his/her/its legendary or unique. I also had an abnormal number of e-techs and other remarkable gear.

Then I got to TVHM…

I’m convinced GBX tweaked the low level drop rates to hook new players.

No, they didn’t :frowning: Recently ran 4 new characters through NVHM and none of them got more than I would expect on average.

@ohjehy16: I’ve played that mission countless times and never seen a Hive. I haven’t actually farmed for it though. I should probably try that. Drop rates for designated items like the Hive were increased 3x across the board by hotfix back in the summer of 2015, and made permanent with the October 2015 update. If you’re looking at videos etc. and they’re talking about drop rates, check the upload date as the Oct. 2015 patch changed a LOT of things in the game.




The only Hives I’ve ever gotten were during DP runs think I have an OP5 and OP3 or OP6…

I imagine the net drop rate for it is a little skewed since Saturn also has the Invader and some skins in his pool. (Kinda like the BNK-3R and all his stuff.) Or is the Hive a separate chance? I could have sworn I got an Emperor as well as the unique blue from one of the assassins simultaneously once, but I could be mis-remembering things…

In normal, probably pretty rare, but it’s hard for me to say because I never stick around and actually farm anything in there.

This one I know about, because I’ve farmed those guys a lot. Basically, the legendary is part of one drop pool (Emperor OR skin, but not both), and the unique blue is an additional item to that pool (so you can get eg Dog + Emperor or Commerce + skin). Data here:

Not sure about Saturn, as I haven’t farmed him yet. I should probably do that!


I hate that Uniques are just Blue. I understand it, but still, ugh.

When I first played, before I got involved in really looking at items, I ran by so many blues cause I had great on-level purple or better gear.

Based solely on my personal experience, I’d say the Hive isn’t really that rare, actually. I really don’t know why so many people seem to have so much trouble getting Saturn to drop it. If you go by what a lot of people say, it would be one of the rarest items in the game, but when I was farming Saturn for his exclusive skins a while back I got two Hives before I got a skin and it only took a couple of hours worth of farming. So, not really rare at all. Maybe it’s just a case of common bad luck due to a slightly crowded loot pool. RNG is RNG, I guess.

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I found getting the hive in NVHM and TVHM relatively easy, took maybe a dozen goes before it dropped. Make sure you have a good look around though, one i found had dropped behind the building and could easily have been missed.
My problem is in UVHM, just cannot get one no matter how many times I have tried. So level 50 seems to be my lot but even that is a pretty good RL.

Well, it is true that I was in normal mode, since I was farming for the skins and not the Hive, but still, it would be really odd if it had a lower drop rate in UVHM. Isn’t it technically supposed to be the other way around?

Usually, it depends on what pool it is in. If more Items are added to that pool, then it would lower the rate (in theory).

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Designated drops are not generally affected by number of players. The “more loot” thing with more players is because of more higher category enemies, who have more in their loot definitions lists than regular chumps. The odds of a legendary from any boss in the game is 1 in 10 regardless of mode. That 1 in 10 chance gets divided by the number of items in that boss’ designated loot pool eg if it’s a legendary and a head, 1 in 10 for either but 1 in 20 for the legendary only.

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So my question now is : is it worth farming? I’ve literally never had one. The wiki claims each child rocket gets amp damage. Four ammo per shot though, eesh.

I’m going to try and get one, just to cross it off my list of Things to Find in Pandora.


That really depends on you. Are you a curious person and like trying new things? Or are you comfortable with your equipment and your playstyle?

Personally I think everything should be tried. You don’t know what will really affect your playstyle until you give it a shot. Look at me for example. I love my Bearcat, most other people avoid it like the plague. I played a Run and Gun Zer0 until OP6 WITHOUT using Deathmark.

Each person is unique, I say give it a try, at worst you lost a few hours and got to try a new gun. At best you upped your potential.


“Nobody can run Digistruct peak as Zer0 without using Deathmark”
“You would consider it a challenge? Challenge accepted. The peak, my masterpiece…”

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Lol, more my own stupidity, I misunderstood it. I rarely melee, and I thought it boosted melee ONLY.

Having checked into it just now I’d say it definitely looks like an interesting-to-use launcher. And that’s really it : the game provides a large number of uninteresting weapons that we all use all the time because they’re effective ; but most of us are curious about unconventional gear because they make the game more interesting and fun.

So yes, I think it’s time to get one. I would definitely use it.