Exactly ten years ago, September 23th 2008

(FENIX400) #1

…“Brothers in Arms Hells Highway” was released.

Today not only marks the 10th anniversary of the game, but also a decade of waiting for fans.

Few franchises that have disappeared have fans as patient as us, but for our luck the saga is not abandoned. We already know that a fourth delivery is on the way and although it is not among the priorities of Gearbox - damn you BL3 - we still have hope.

"We’ve all questioned what we are doing here, and we all feel burdened by the cost of the fight, especially in the face of defeat. But I’m not retreating. I am still standing here with you, I am still standing right here! I’ll lead us right into Berlin if it’s asked of us and it probably will be! " (…) So here we are… Brothers, fathers, saints, and sinners. Lets take the fight back to the Germans!" - Sgt Matt Baker

“What is it that makes a great soldier? His brain or his heart?”


(My Fake Name) #2

I Will Always Be Waiting