Examining the Vaygr Corvettes - Condemned Corvettes (Video)

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I’m sure you guys are working hard on the next set of improvements for the upcoming update but I wanted to draw your attention to a number of issues that may not be on your radar.

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It’d be interesting to see how the Missiles stuff changes with the upcoming patch - as I did find some stuff to fix (which will be explained later). Much of what you’re saying is about ‘special’ maneuvers, general formation spacing, etc.

The issue with ‘burst’ variance per pass though, that’s just a function of engagement distance. I’d rather see their bursts measured as a function of time. They get more coming in from far, yes - but then they have to reset, back to far, which takes time. Staying close gets fewer bursts, but also takes less time to set back up.

We’ve talked about variants to some of this - for balance. For example allowing the function of flying away from the target to prep for another pass to be done with a bit more speed - and then to allow the incoming speed to also be set a bit lower (leaving more time on target). It has an interesting balance effect that ships will spend more time on target - but also slower - meaning easier to shoot down as well. We just have to play with it.

This suggest that actually speed of the craft does effect the RNG value of hit/miss %?

No - that’s not my area so I can’t really answer that. But a ship moving slower at a target is also going to be in range and open to fire for longer. So while it has more time to shoot, it has more time to be shot at, no?

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Right, that makes since.

Yep, I was aware of all of the demonstrated issues (except the crossover) but don’t stop making the videos, they are still helpful.

The laser corvette is a weird beast in that it has a single weapon which is slaved to the gun on the other side and can get in what looks like a bad state with its firing cycles. I’ve watched them extensively and I still don’t know why they randomly fire a third shot off into space. Dave and I have kicked around carving out some time to focus on this ship to see what is going on under the hood. I’ll take a look at missile corvettes and see what can be done there. I recall having some success with increasing their formation spacing to minimize friendly fire. Short of turning off missile collision for ~3 seconds after firing I suspect this won’t be completely solvable but we’ll try.

I stumbled on some code once that queried the engine speed of both the attacker and target once. It was for accuracy so it might have been just target prediction though.

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To be clear, this may be a viable thing to add to the engine…


I hope you mean to add that as an optional feature…? we are using missiles as bullets… we need them to collide with stuff…

Absolutely! You think I’m crazy?

Thanks for the newest patch update guys. :thumbsup:

Testing it out as I type.


just a little bit sometimes…

Officially asking for @BitVenom to be renamed as BitCrazyVenom ! :stuck_out_tongue:

@scole I think they simply should have had a facing attack style.

It would happen much less that way.

Also, @BitVenom besides a possible delay like you mentioned, I see no reason why a projectile from a ship should ever be able to collide with the ship that fires it within the first moment. Doesn’t seem like that needs to even be an option. Can just add a small grace period for collision from what fired them.
Why have it possible to wver? Well it’d be cool if you could have missiles chasing fighters and kamikaze to Kamikaze those fighters into a cap ship with the missiles following behind that it itself fired hitting it.