[EXAMPLE] Backgrounds #1 - Discussion

Anyone successlfuly made a background here?

Raises hand… :wink:

I think EatThePath has, yeah?

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I was able to get the example to work and export skyboxes, I didn’t go much further as when I tried to make my own planets and objects I had lots of really weird behavior that I wasn’t interested in debugging at the time and I was waiting for the star field tools

Right, my mistake was most likely that I jumped directly into my custom bg. I’ll run the examples as they are first.

That’s correct. Most of my troubles getting it working were actually trouble with blender. The HW:@ asset pack actually has HODOR sources for our own backgrounds if you want them as an alternate example, though they’re far from ideal in technical detail.


Didn’t you and I have a conversation about this? Or is it someone else I’m thinking of?

As one who wrote a ROT tool for HW2, I can tell you that the ROT format was really kinda pointless. It was just a wrapper for TGA or DDS files, when the game understood those formats anyways…

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Yes, we had. My question was about the sub settings in the dds plugin, not the choice between 8888-dxt1-dx5-etc… :wink:

edit : Oh my god ! How did I manage to say “we add” instead of “we had” :scream:

Okay good! I’m glad I wasn’t going crazy! (Not this time, anyways) :wink:

Thanks to your quote, I just saw the ENORMOUS crazy thing I wrote :scream:

I remember the original release with the upside down inverted color problems until we figure out that Rot wasn’t useful, I don’t even remember what features it had

Here’s the VB code snippet for the ROT format:

Global Const HW2ROTFORMAT_8888 As Long = 1024
Global Const HW2ROTFORMAT_DXT5 As Long = 1029
Global Const HW2ROTFORMAT_DXT3 As Long = 1030

Global Const HW2ROT_HEADID = "HEAD"
Global Const HW2ROT_MIPSID = "MIPS"
Global Const HW2ROT_MLVLID = "MLVL"

  lWidth As Long
  lHeight As Long
  lFormat As Long
  lMipMapCount As Long
End Type

  lMipMapIndex As Long
  lWidth As Long
  lHeight As Long
  lSize As Long
  bData() As Byte
End Type

Type HW2_ROTFile
  header As HW2ROT_HEAD
  MipMapLevels() As HW2ROT_MLVL
End Type

Yes, it really was that simple lame.

seriously ? Just a container with the “base” format and a table with each mipmap format ? oO


So no additionnal informations at all compared to a tba/dds file… I wonder why they implemented this to begin with, that’s strange