[EXAMPLE] Backgrounds #1


Another Example for ya’ll to chew on :wink: I’m a bit behind on documentation in the forums for these - so please feel free to ask questions as needed about what you find. There’s a TON here though, from some of our Test Maps, to tools we used to set up backgrounds, and even a fully-functional example Planet.

Generally speaking, if you understand HODOR, and have used one of the previous examples to go from DAE->HOD you should be quite comfortable here.

Please note: These files are examples, and as such aren’t really polished or game ready. The Test Maps work, but aren’t meant for play; the Planet Example has an ‘incorrect’ env-map set (EZ01), etc.

Hand/hack-editing of the resulting HODs is a very bad idea - ships/planets/etc all are built from the shader defines - and planets/ships are getting an update soon. HODOR will know what to do and what to create - nothing else will. If you want to create your own planet (PLEASE do!!!) - make sure to clone the example and edit in DAE format. You’ll need that in the future to create game-ready artwork.