[EXAMPLE] Ships #3 - discuss :)

Yup, we did it again. I’d hoped we’d have had this out weeks ago - but things have been rather crazy :wink: I think the next will be MUCH faster than 4 weeks. Post your questions/comments here!


Homeworld 2 ship!

I love how you’ve visualised the capture/salcap/repair points using those little meshes on the Hiigaran Carrier.

Actually credit for that technique (I believe!) goes to Oni from Complex - there’s a tool in our Level/NIS editing stuff that creates a ‘proxy’ of a ship - just bakes it down to a basic mesh, no materials. Oni either used that, or did it himself - to create examples of each class of ship (and more) and then put them under the nodes in question to visualize their relative positions. Because they don’t start with ‘MULT[’ - HODOR ignores those nodes on export - meaning meshes you can see, but not have to deal with in-game at all.

Somebody should make a Max-script to do that more :smile:


A few interesting things in these ship examples

the use of AXIS_ joints? I’m assuming this provides some sort of rotational axis alignment? but is is being used for engineglows and for the support frigate as a stand alone joint. What is going on with AXIS?

some of the carrier dock paths link multiple paths, I am assuming this would prevent corvettes from docking when a frigate docks?

There is also the ‘check’ attribute in the dock path, I may be missing it but I don’t remember that showing up before

In the asteroid example and in the carrier, one of the joints with a visual mesh has some crazy rotation animation. any purpose to this?

In the Kus_Support Frigate, wth is the Innate Mesh? Something to do with the repair beam?

Not specific to this example, but I’m trying to parse the params for the docking paths to start working on getting dock paths into the Blender tools, and I can’t figure out what the “Tol” param in the SEG nodes is. And is SPD a percentage of the docking ship’s speed, or a meters/sec (or some other hard value) speed?

TOL is tolerance, how close the ship has to be to the actual SEG joint.

I always thought SPD was an absolute value, but I may be wrong.

I think it’ll be changed in the next (or near future) patch - because Innate is the wrong shader (it still tries to draw) - a ‘nodraw’ shader would be more appropriate. The idea however is that it causes the ship to intersect what it’s trying to latch - which triggers that the ship is in range. I am not 100% sure, it’s not my area, but that should be the case.

I know that nobody has commented in these ship example topics for some time now, but how do I view these examples in Blender? importing the DAE files gives an empty scene.

I think this tutorial talks about a script needed to import DAE properly:


Thanks Mikail, that worked.