Examples of synergy and teamwork at it's best!

So I was hosting this open lobby right? I was using a psycho and a siren joins. She had the instant revive skill invested and I had the “mania” skills hence my “charging with the axe a lot, f**k guns” game style and my melee rampage was extra extre effective cuz she keept slagging them with Scorn and other things.

Also, no matter who goes down, the other player revives the downed teammate instantly (in my case, Redeem the Soul skill). Even in the few ocasions that I was in cooldown, I get healed while reviving in the crossfire

Perfect epic teamwork. We weren’t playing, we were dancing!
Who else here have had a similar experience?


Opposite case when another psycho joins and I’m dying left and right because of his Flame of the Firehawk shield and Bloodsplosion skill. And those elemental explosions are severely WIDE AS HELL

I live for this in co op games (which for me is largely Team Fortress 2). When your team is cooperating, even a little bit, it’s super awesome (both because it’s fun, but also because it’s quite rare). I’ve never played DOTA2, but a friend does and turned me on to a particularly well choreographed attack that decimated an opposing team (and largely led to their victory - that ice blast/echo slam attack). Not being familiar with DOTA2 at all, it was still quite impressive.

If you have the Torgue DLC, you might want to consider farming for a Practicable Slow Hand (Slag) for those times you play alone as Krieg. Practicable gives 3 projectiles instead of one. IIRC, the Slow Hand (Slag) has the highest chance of any BL2 weapon to Slag a target @ 72.1%. Also, being a Moxxi weapon you are healed for 3.5% damage you deal while it is your active weapon even if the damage you deal is from a grenade. See the wiki page for the Slow Hand.

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