Excalibastard in more than one playmodes

Dear all, I was wandering if I could pull out the excalibastard at normal vault hunter mode and do it again at true vault hunter mode and so on. Is it possible? Thanks

No, you can only get it once per character.

No. You can only get it once per save file.

Thanks, I’ll do it on uvmh

It doesn’t matter which mode you pick it up in, it always scales to your level.

I don’t think it does. I’m pretty sure it scales to the level of the area you’re in (I don’t know, I’ve never visited it in Normal or during the campaign in TVHM)

Heh, just a few weeks ago I picked up the Excalibastard with my level 60 Wilhelm thinking “hmm there probably won’t be another cap raise, everyone on the forums is sure of this” then two days later…

You can pick it up once per playthrough, I thought.

It’s level doesn’t really matter, though; its shooting damage is almost irrelevant compared to its other effects.

Out of curiosity I tested pulling it out in normal mode with a level 60 character, it was level 50, so I was slightly wrong. It does scale, just not to level 60 if you aren’t in UVHM apparently.

Even if you had waited until 70 they could add OP levels. No telling what is going to happen now but it is looking that way. And I think most players thought OP levels were more likely than level cap, myself included.

Nope, but you can supposedly get it through the grinder now. If you really want it that badly, throw 3 purple lasers in to the grinder while offline, and dashboard or alt f4 if it tosses anything out other than an Excalibastard.

Or create another character and wait. That’s what I did. Now I have Excalibastards every 4 levels, starting at level 7.

I may have just gotten lucky, but I believe it works like the good and bad touch from BL2. If there is a second character in your game and you are the host, so long as you don’t pick it up yourself, you can keep getting more. I’ve gotten my last 2 or 3 this way.