Excalibastard laser gun

(Psmales) #1

I can confirm if you got at level 50 before uvhm came out you are screwed does not appear in uvhm

(Enemy of Thunder) #2

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this, it was a once a character thing. Besides, you can get it from the grinder

(Where's lucky?) #3

Yeah I don’t know why people are surprised by this.

Also to the OP did you already grab it with all your characters? You can always get it with a different character and pop it in claptraps locker.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #4

I figured a level cap increase was coming, so I didn’t pull it with one of my characters.

(Stoop) #5

It doesn’t really matter what level it is anyway. It stabs the same at all levels, and it also freezes the same, including its nova. Its shooting damage and nova damage are more or less meaningless in comparison.