Excalibastard max level 50?

Farming the legendary Excalibastard and the max is 50. What good is it if i’m 70? I went to normal mode to see if it was there and picked it up and the level was 50. Naturally I went to TVHM to see if I can get it again on a higher level but is not there. Again naturally on UVHM I go to get it and still not there. Hmmmm why is this one weapons highest level of 50 when we can get to 70 now?

Because you picked it up on Normal. I pulled a level 60 with my Jack in UVHM before the new levels came out.

It wasn’t there in any of the other modes because it’s a 1 per character gun and not a 1 per mode.

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Thanks for clearing up my confussion.

No problem. I find it super weird that they uncapped the grinder to go above 50 in Normal and TVHM, but left the cap on the Excalibastard. Maybe they just forgot about the poor thing.

If ur freakin’ out about it you can technically grind it, buncha farmable legendaries you can chuck in there.

You can’t grind Excalibastards and you can’t get them out of the grinder. Only a 2600 BAR gun.


They made it so with an update. Berrigan (legendary mission weapon from holodome) can also be grinded

Pretty sure if picked up on UVHM it will be higher. As to what use a lvl 50 version would be once you’re 70? Loads actually. It still should freeze on critical hits, regardless of level. It’ll also boost your melee damage by 50% and create cryo novas.

Sure, if you’re using it as a sniper for pure damage, it’s not going to work. But it has plenty of other uses.

EDIT: Aaaand misread the initial post. It’s only once per character, across all playthroughs. If you want another, load up a different character.