Excalibastard Question

Just wondered, can I get one in UVHM, and then another if I reset UVHM?

Nope, it’s once per character.

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Regardless of resetting UVHM?

Correct. It’s the same reason it won’t show up in TVHM or UVHM if you picked it up in NVHM.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. Is it worth holding on until 70?

Maybe for specialized builds, built around it. I never found much use for it in terms of general gameplay though. Fire rate is too slow for me.

Even if you don’t really end up liking it, it’s probably better to wait in case you do: you’ll be stuck with an underlevelled version otherwise. Though there’s always trading or, if you’re that kind of person, gibbed.

I will just leave it, it seems to be an absolute nightmare to reach level 70, so i’m probably just going to leave it.

Can you at least grind it now? I remember it not being grindable when i tried. many patches since then. Was it ever fixed to be able to grind the Excalibastard?

I just checked, and apparently you can grind for it. That solves the case, then. If you have the patience to grind, anyways. I salute you if you do.

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you misunderstood me. :innocent: I want to know if I go grab it, can I take it to the grinder and use it in a recipe?

I can answer the question myself, I just need to get home and go try. I was hoping someone knew off the top of their head. :wink:

Well, sorry then, but I have no clue. I’d assume yes, since it is a gun like any other.

it used to be that you could not use it in the grinder. I hoped that was fixed.

I found it to be great with Aurelia and Athena. Its special effect is awesome when used in a melee build or sniping with it.


It’s not too bad, if you stick to one character at a time
I think you have a Claptrap and an Athena going at the moment ?