Excalibur placed when near ceiling gets player stuck

Description Summary: “My player gets stuck when placing Excalibur at ceiling.”

Observed Results: “When I place Excalibur at the top of the map/ceiling, I get stuck and can’t move.”

Steps to Reproduce:
“1. Use Railgun.
2. Fire it and ride to top of the map. Any map works, but Aztec is fairly easy. Aim for the sky.
3. Use Excalibur when exactly at the top. (may take a couple tries)
4. Observe being unable to move.”

Expected Results: “Character shouldn’t get stuck or shouldn’t be able to place Excalibur if that gets him stuck”

Build #: “Closed Technical Test Build 31”

We are aware of this issue and are investigating what can be done about it. Thanks for mentioning it!