Except for Zero Bore (and this also looks tricky) there's no quick gimmick to take down Digipeak Saturn is there

Hint : bew posted a vid on the forum this morning.


Ah yes, the one with the impressive Siren build - pretty sure that qualifies as the most complete siren build ever.

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I am Acrilyc Juma’s number 1 fan. lol


I did try it today and it definitely worked for me. Not that I ever got an instantkill – you would have to pull some serious shenanigans for that (double or triple drunk effect, double shooting, etc). You can tell when the Boom Puppy bounces through his hitboxes just by the number of explosive damage numbers that pop up, getting a mini-chain isn’t that rare. My best try was getting OP10 Saturn down to like 1/2 health with one magazine and the drunk effect. It’s not really suitable for anything but youtube content, since the bullet will fly out and kill you half the time

Hail or Lead Storm with a corrosive element are both very good guns for taking large chunks of his health while remaining behind cover. This will enable you to use a Bee if your cautious enough making the Lead Storm superior in terms of speed but not nessicerily consistency.

Having a Storm Front is useful for moving from cover to cover as you can throw it on him an pull our a Moxxi weapon for consistent healing while the grenade persists.

Lastly the Hive also works for the same purpose for even more healing and some more damage while using your Led Storm.

I use The Bee because I am Maya on majority of my peak runs on my own or with friends letting me take advantage of fleet and a Storm Front to help me get away without risk. If your not comfortable with The Bee then maybe a Blockaid or Evolution. The Antagonist is probably pretty good aswell due to the flat damage reduction and the shield generally has low Delay and good recharge rate.

Hope this helps!

Wish we had YouTube videos for some of these tactics…

My Siren just finished an OP8 Digistruct Peak run to unlock OP9 yesterday, if you want to see a highlight of a double Saturn kill with Maya. It took about five minutes to kill the two Saturns. It’s not the best example of how to do it, but it worked. I haven’t tried it with Axton yet.

Yes I’d like to see please post

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I just finished an OP8 Digistruct Peak run to unlock OP9 yesterday, so here is a five minute highlight of the double Saturn kill. I used:

L80 Pimpernel, L80 Lady Fist (for Dukino’s Mom),
OP8 DPUH, Bee, Quasar, The Electric Chair, Legendary Siren, Corrosive Bone of the Ancients, and Grog Nozzle.

Converge, Scorn and Ruin skills. It is mostly Derch’s Maya the Twisted Pimp build with a few changes for solo instead of team play.


I forgot that the two Saturns appear after killing the last red dot on the map, so I was way out of position and had to run away.

So, don’t do it exactly like this…

OP8 Digistruct Peak complete run to unlock OP9


You’re in luck!

All old OP8 so may need some tweaks. I don’t know the peak at all well so I’m not sure which of those is the Saturn spawns.

Edit: Did not scroll far enough through the thread


Yeah! Do that!

The spawn possibilities for OP 9 and 10 are the same as OP 8 so the strategies in theory should be the same


OP is looking at OP7 I believe?

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clutch second wind.

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Ahh forgot about that, thanks for the correction

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Thanks man. Bee Pimpernel, that looks… Unappealing :joy:


Thanks dude, yup Axton with bee and corrosive sandhawk, now this is impressive.

However actually getting my hands on corrosive sandhawk… For now OP7 only it is :sweat_smile:

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The thing about the pimpernel is that it was 8 levels below the Saturns. It was the on level Bee that made it work.


It didn’t need to be so close. I was panicking and forgot that I only needed to kill one drone to get back up. Instead, I was trying to kill a turret on the closer Saturn, which wasn’t going to happen. Finally got out of the tunnel vision and remembered that there were plenty of drones waiting to die.


If you already have a sandhawk use it and just upgrade your Bee. I’m pretty sure the Sandhawk I used was somewhat under level but my Bee was not.

Yup, same goes for the Pimpernel.