Excessive spending

So I hadn’t spent any credits in quite a while and with the current sale this was the result



The LLC thanks you for your support. We know you could have shopped anywhere, well. No. I guess you really couldn’t.


Shop smart, shop s…er…llc?

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That’s cool, but how many useful things did you get? I find the cosmetic drop rates super sad.


Nice! I bought 100 LLC packs for when Kid Ultra is released. I also started stockpiling Jennerit packs, too. Good luck with your pulls!

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150 LLC Packs.
150 Jennerit Packs.
100 Eldrid Packs.
100 Rogue Packs.
50 UPR Packs.

That’s how many I opened today with 321K credits.

And now sitting with about 20K credits and gradually increasing. Maybe I will save 50 to 100 LLC packs for Kid Ultra, but that we don’t know when Kid Ultra would come. Perhaps there will be an LLC discount when the day comes he arrives. Who knows.

Hope you guys found the cosmetics you were hoping for, especially those who I have spoke with on the forums about how much they want to see RNGesus answering their call.

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I have about the same allocation of favor

Same, I spent all my credits on LLC pack and saving them for when kid ultra is released.

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I’m so broke with my 30k :cry:

“Ya got that! Now I swear… The next one of you primates even TOUCHES me… Hya!!!”

Sorry, I just saw Evil Dead, and the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, and I couldnt leave you hanging.

For which I am grateful @LinkZeppeloyd lol

Haha yes!

Not opening any jennerit or LLC until the extra characters for them are out but after ope the 90 other packs I got five skins, four taunts and one blacked out legendary that I would have liked to use (Burning sunset)

I just bought and openend 91 Rouge packs, I really wanted that 1 certain Toby taunt! I didn’t get it. I got a total of 9 skins/taunts. Well, at least I got all Toby’s skins now! Best thing about that is, they are al UGLY AS ■■■■. :smiley:

Oh, by the way, I wish you good luck. May you find tht you want to find, even though we all know it’s impossible to find!

…So, on a related question, why don’t we have trading yet?
I’ve got a ton of things, as do most of you, that people are rolling for with no luck.


Not holding my breath on that feature when there’s so much else “in the works” that we need.

One a side note, looking for pack legendary’s. I opened near 20 epic loot packs yesterday.

I got.

1-Lorrian Purse Cutter.

I was disappointed in the extreme.

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I got the same damn legendary last lootocalypse. Still waiting on it to go active haha

Why in the world are inactive items still in the game?

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Good question.

@JoeKGBX what’s up with the lorrian purse cutter?