Exciting new game mode idea

Do you enjoy killing dudes? Or perhaps escorting minions is your thing. Or maybe you want to watch giant ass sentries explode. And do you want to do all those things without the risk of accudentaily gaining camcer?

Well then this mode is for you!

It is my pleasure to introduce NO BEATRIX MODE!

This mode is tactically designed by me to feature 98% less cancer than standard incursion, while still providing players with the core gameplay that they enjoy. So how does it work you ask?

Well, no Beatrix mode is a rotating mode that takes the place of normal incursion for about forever. Players will engage in standard incursion gameplay with a few key changes made to increase overall enjoyment. Chief among these changes is the removal of Beatrix from the character select, allowing players more freedom with the 29 other character choices.

Now with this mode you won’t ever have to worry about getting randomly silenced across the map or wounded to all hell by an entity hiding at the back of the map like a total bitch. And while not publicly released yet, early beta testing of the mode has so far been meet with universal approval, showing only positive things to come form no Beatrix mode.

To share some statistics, rage quitting has gone down by 47%, broken controller syndrome by 23%, cancer has been cured, and thoughts of suicide are non existent.

It truly is a wonderful player experience. So what are you waiting for? Vote nemo as the next battleborn president and I will make sure that players get the game they want.

Thank you. Sincerly, ya boi nemo.

Real talk:

So I made this cuz I was hella salty with Beatrix. I thought about not posting it but i liked it too much. Anyway, I think the point stands: people don’t like Beatrix. Seriously I cant thing one who does and I know a lot of people. She’s not fun to play (opinion) and she’s not fun to play against (fact). No matter what you do in game if there is even a slightly competent Beatrix on the other team she will piss you off.

Anyway, since I’m bored, let’s talk about how great this mode sounds and about who you are voting for in the next battleborn election. P.s. it better be me and the Deande party.


It’s Toby approved!


Ha! The only time I like Beatrix is when she’s giving me attack speed buffs…

In fact no… I depise her even when she’s on my team. When she was accidentally locked she should’ve STAYED locked.


No Beatrix Mode is the mode we deserve, but not the one we need right now…wait no, we NEED IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWW.

I hate playing as and against that character so damn much. Those 3-4 days she was disabled “accidentally” were truly blissful days.


As a fellow Deande main, you have my vote. =P


You have no idea how much I’d wish this were true …

Back on topic: There was a post once that the silence could be changed to stack per pellet which would kind of balance that in some sense. This would turn the “long silence for everyone!” skill into something more balanced when you had to hit every pellet for the full effect and a single pellet would be only a meaningless short silence.

Don’t know what to do about the wound though. On the one hand I like it as a mechanic against pocket healers, on the other hand I don’t like that healers can’t fight against it. Maybe if all supports had cleanse somewhere in their toolkit (e.g., instead of riding the wave on Alani, wash away negative effects?) and some time of immunity against being affected again? I’m not a big fan of “remove this, nerf that, disable those, …”-only. Some mechanics in the game are interesting and can develop an interesting interaction between different characters. I’d like it better to have something to counter that instead of making every character weaker and weaker.

I’m a bit biased though, because almost every rebalancing until now made some of the characters much more unfun in PvE (with Mellka, El Dragon as worst offenders, but even Deande was hit with it. Uppercut was nice to lock down bosses e.g., in advanced Heliophage and was great to have on the team, but after the knockup has been substituted with an utterly useless thing for PvE, she is mostly a burden outside of solo play and there are way better choices for a team - don’t get me wrong, I still love to play her).


As Deande, you have my vote

Another thing. I actually do not mind Bea being on the field. Yes sometimes I get silenced at the worst times. But Orendi’s Paradigm pisses me off more than Bea’s silence. Teshka’s cheesy curse and ult piss me off more than Bea.
BOLDUR pisses me off more than Bea.

in my eyes…Bea is nothing compared to the cheese of those characters. Or the cheese of straight cc teams.

Bea is just an annoyance that may need to be dealt with asap like Miko. It just depends on who you have on your team, that will dictate if Bea is a true threat to you; on the field or not.(did not say she is not. Typed true)

Unlike Orendi, Thorn, Boldur
They are always annoying and a real threat.


I personally don’t believe you have played a good Beatrix then if you have that outlook.

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Really? She has been out for a while now…

But Orendi and Boldur make me shout
"BULLSH*T!" more than any other character.
I have too much built up anger towards those characters who have been there since day 1.
It is going to take a lot more than the newest BB to piss me off more than them.

When I get silenced by Bea:
Sh*t she got me…ahhhh Help!

When I get killed by a paradigm:

Hell, even the double thralls are worse than her, with their bs one shot kill grenade launchers.

I get more angry off of dying due to pure bs, rather than being silenced. There is just too much anger there.
I do not have the same amount of hatred towards Bea that a lot of people seem to have.

That is fine, that is how I…feel. she just annoys me


Have you tried being an Alani when the enemy has a Beatrix?

“Oh sh*t, 3 Stacks, LEGGO!!!”
“YO (insert Tank’s name here) COME HERE, I GOT 3 STACKS FOR YA!”

-heal (insert tank’s name here) for 54hp-

I just feel like throwing the controller at somebody. And that’s CONSTANTLY happening. In the end, when you go to “Healing Given” and see <100,000 healing given in a full 30 minute game you can’t help but think “B*tch robbed me of AT LEAST 60k healing given”. Depressing.

"Our Alani didn’t heal sht!"
CK OFF! You try healing when everyone is always wounded (being healed for -60% healing).



disagree, even a 0,5s silence cancels every skill you were about to launch, followed by a full cooldown

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You guys think DEANDE has it bad?! Beatrix’s shots go right though Berg’s forcefields! IT’S TOTAL GULLSHT!!* Oh geez… SORRY FOR CURSING!!

Okay, yes, Berg’s forcefields aren’t very strong to begin with, and MOST of the other Battleborn can destroy them in a few seconds… B-But i did the best i could with the parts i could scavenge! What, you think i can just waddle over to the bazaars in the Detritus Zone, and pick up a 4th generation FieldTek EBS?! (That’s “Energy Barrier System” for those of you with potato-brains, by the way). Okay… Yes… I COULD… But those things are REALLY expensive, you guys! Those f*cking Lorrians- Sorry for cursing! -upcharge the heck out of their stolen wares…

Annnyway… I have to make do with Berg’s STUPID 2nd gen EBS- Oh my God… PLEASE don’t tell him i said that! -and Beatrix can shoot RIGHT THROUGH IT!!

Wow… I REALLY de-railgun-ed this thread…

Laughs stupidly at own lame joke.

SORRY!! Resume posting and such!


Back then when I stil played BB, Beatrix became my main. Although I only played in PvE.
Do I disagree on having her toned down? No. When she was first released she covered most ranges with ease, and had some nasty health regen on melee if you went for the right skill.

However, and it is possibly due to no PvP experience, I kinda think people are overreacting.


So… you don’t like playing against Beatrix? That’s very interesting * scribble, scribble *

Now… which of her taunts do you happen to find the most infuriating? Would you say there is a skin colour for Beatrix that you find particularly distracting? Simply curious…


Lol I was actually going to get to that. You beat me to it. My heals are like 200 at full stacks when she tags someone that you are trying to heal, or tags you. But screw Alani anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

pause…I heal like 10hp at full stacks LMAO. Now yes I will agree tat that is a…“really Beatrix…” moment

I mainly play Deande and Mellka. So the frustration that most people have with Beatrix…just does not apply to me. They move around the field so effortlessly…


Your ever been silenced off a claw lunge that would’ve prevented you from dying? Or a burst dash/blade launcher that would’ve killed the healer that’s been keeping the team together? Or how about the blink storm that was about to be a team stun?


The sad part is, they are not really overreacting. One of the biggest strengths she has that you won’t notice in PvE is her wound. Preventing healing with a long range basic attack is op. it should be limited somehow like how whiskey has to get a kill or how marquis has to land consecutive hits. And her silence is completely op. You know how it can stun PvE enemies for like forever? It’s almost as bad on a player. They said she is going to have some work done soon though.

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Was waiting fer the claw lunge one haha
Yes I have been silenced as soon as I am about to claw lunge plenty of times. Almost have been killed because of that, but that Is why when you play as Mellka, you cannot just hit the claw lunge button then partially relax. You have to be ready just in case it fails.
I usually say, "Oh godd*mn ■■■■. RUN MELLKA RUN!"
Proceeds to Air Stall and slide away

Never have been silenced out of Blade launcher or a BD, yet. Also I have my Blade Launcher and all other skills like it, set as a tap release mode. I never hold them anyway for them to accidentally be silenced by a stray fulminate

EDIT: I am not sure if I have been stunned out of BS yet. I’m pretty sure that would be hella annoying. But if it does not happen continuously. I just have no anger built up towards it to hate Bea with a passion. I say, “well that was a fail. be back with another one guys” "long ass goddmn cooldown

I am sorry, I just get far more irritated off of bs deaths more than anything.
I guess maybe a stray silence that gets you killed can count as a bs death too. >.> fine

You don’t have my vote until you tell me where you got those statistics.

Actually Beatrix does bother me when I play Deande. I need to have my full shield up but somehow it always gets chipped by her. And every time I try to escape I get silenced out of holowtin