Exclamation marks problem

i have completed all challenges,quests etc but i still see this exclamation marks.why?

I believe those are supposed to indicate new/unused fast travel stations. Leastways, when they bugged me, going into the map and selecting all said stations would make them disappear - temporarily, anyway.

nope.i have explored everything

What I said has nothing to do with exploration.

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its not new fast travel locations

Do you have active bounties or hunt targets?

So, when you select, say, Eden-6 (pictured with a circled !) and it brings up the list of associated locations there’s not a circled ! on one or more of those locations? And if there is and you select the location in question - Floodmoor Basin, The Anvil, etc. - and bring up its list of Fast Travel locations, one or more of them doesn’t have a circled ! that disappears when you select it?

yes it disappear if i selected it.but it appears again if i restart game.
also i dont have any active bounties or hunt targets.i have even found all echo

everything is completed and exclamation marks are annoying.

Checking in from the future, this is still an issue.

lol… now if there were gbx staff doing that s-word thing…what’s it called? Oh yea, ‘support’, this issue might go away.

Hey kiddo, Gearboz here. If you could just go ahead and not complain anymore about all the things we didn’t fix in the base game… that would be great, m’kay. We’re too busy releasing fortnite mashup. Cheers

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its still an issue