Exclamation! What is it?

I was farming and when quitting out to restart I noticed this “!” next to my play mode that wasn’t there before.

I have gone into the mode and don’t see any info. I have switched between normal and TVHM but it doesn’t go away. What is it? o.O


It means UVHM is coming :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish…

But seriously, it’s a bug. The exclamation marks everywhere in this game are buggy, in your vault, in your inventory, on side quests you’ve already done. They clear, then return, at random and often.

I’d take the person in charge of The Exclamation Mark Manager out back and tell 'em to fix their junk…


I have that and at ‘Play’ too. Always been there afaik

Its prompting you to reset your progress as in this is thee last “new” thing you can do and that particular option hasn’t been selected yet, hence its highlight with the mark.

I have a TVH galaxy full of side quests but I’m fairly sure I went on an exclamation mark hunt during normal and got rid of them all. I’m not gonna say I’m certain in case it has bugged since like… Broken hearts days but;

If there is “!” the area is incomplete aka you have a loose end to tie up.

Don’t anybody talk about delivering burgers either because I had a rule of not starting TVH until I had purged normal mode of !'s… Which happened


The problem with burgers is that they’re repeat quests, so there’s always an ! on the map itself.

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The first time it appears after beating normal, to bring to your attention that you can switch to TVHM now. The second time it appeared for me was when I finished the story again on TVHM, signalling that I can reset TVHM if I want. Since then it’s always been there.

If you didn’t just finish the story, I have no idea.

Actually I did just finish the story on TVHM so that might have been it. I guess it’s just signaling that TVHM can be reset. When you reset TVHM does it reset all the DLC as well?

I don’t know, haven’t ever reset it because I don’t want to lose access to all the content. But I assume it does.

Yep I think its a bug as well, it shows up at my “Play” sometimes.

I think it intended to signal that something new can be done or visited. Like resetting the TVHM. Or the repeatable quests, the Dynasty Dash ones. I have it on 90-95% of the discovered maps all the time, showing me that I have a new Fast Travel location which I didn’t use yet, but I actually did. As I hover over the possible Fast Travel locations, the exclamation marks just disappear until I quit and start my game again. So I guess the menu one isn’t a bug, but the ones on the Fast Travel locations are. In BL2 you have the same in the menu after you claim Golden Keys, but after checking them, the “!” won’t reappear until new stuff have been claimed.

I have never been able to get rid of that exclamation point. PS4…it has never gone away.

I’d like to add, in case important people read this, the completion percentages area/planet/galaxy and exclamation marks are 2 very odd mechanics in Borderlands 3. Intuitively these readings should be trusted as 100% accurate but instead… We sit with 112% on places that have an exclamation mark on the drop pod. :upside_down_face:

Edit: On a personal note, GBX I love you and worship every inch of ground I walk on that you create for me lol but it hurts a brother every time you send him to Eden-6 to look at the drop pod and it was a trip for biscuits.

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DLC percentages are all precise tho, it must be something with how the base game calculates stuff.

Yeah, the percentages make no sense. Some of them appear complete but are not 100% while others are not complete but over 100%. I mean how do you mess up percentages? Seems like simple math. lol.

In a semi-related completionist vein…it really bugs me that you can accidentally prevent yourself from completing certain maps by just playing the game in a normal way. WTF is that about?

The red chest in the Droughts with my first character still haunts me. I’ll never have 100% completion on that map because the first time I played I didn’t complete the secondary objective for Marcus :grimacing:

Yes, it resets everything including the DLCs.

I know that playing in co-op will jack up your area percentages by quite a bit. I have maps that say I’ve gotten 4 out of the 2 red chests in that area. It’s inconsistent at best.

Same. That’s exactly what I was referring to. I have no idea how many more things like that exist because once I realized I had locked myself out of completion on accident I quit caring about completion since it wasn’t possible anymore. What kind of system is it that you can do that? #GBlogic apparently.

Apparently they play hockey in Texas

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