Excluding Legendaries, Who's your manufacturer?

As the title says, ignoring the legendary guns which can either be OP on certain builds/hunters which manufacture do you personally think is the best? For extra credit who’s the worst?

Me personally Jakobs is by far my favorite. Their Snipers & Shotguns are the best and just feel solid to shoot. No real fancy gimmicks, just good guns for people with good aim. Though I really dont like Assault Rifles. Some look awesome reloading but their ammo count is bad for situations you’d want an assault rifle. Best pistols too. COV puts up a good fight in the pistol category but the revolvers hit hard and got a decent reload speed that makes 4 bullets feel more like 8 with a brief break to adjust your aim.

The worst has to be either Tediore or Hyperion for me. The shield gimmick on Hyperion sucks and feels worthless to me. Their stats on the shotguns can be good though but all their other weapons feel bad. Tediore however I dont think I’ve used them for anything other then the turrets guns for certain bosses or missions. The Tediore weapons just burn through ammo so fast and are on the weak side for what the game has given me. If i had to choose whos the worst of the worst though… Tediore… Hyperion Shotguns and Snipers can get some solid use outta me which is more then Tediore’s done.

In rank I’ll go:

  1. Jakobs
  2. COV
  3. Vladof
  4. Atlas
  5. Maliwan
  6. Dahl
  7. Torgue
  8. Hyperion
  9. Tediore

Bonus* - Torgue really let me down this game. Not enough bang for the ammo buck.

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I seriously don’t care about the others. Tediore is just trash like they say in the story.
Maliwan was great in 2 and total trash in 3.
COV and Atlas are both gimmik weapons and trash.
Hyperion … meh



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Gotta agree about Maliwan, for their part in the story the guns having to “charge up” really hurts em in this game and I dont understand why they even make snipers for them. Only reason I like Maliwan is the dual elemental types. On a Maliwan shotgun you can tear through certain bosses if it’s got good enough stats and both their weaknesses like Kamigawa Ball

COV though makes up for the spray and pray Jakobs doesnt give me which is why I usually have at least 1 COV in my Jakobs arsenal

Now this is a cool topic.

  1. Vladof
  2. Jakobs
  3. Torgue
  4. Dahl
  5. Hyperion
  6. COV
  7. Atlas
  8. Tediore
  9. Maliwan (anything that has a lag mechanic deserves the bottom spot)

i seem to use jakobs the most so i guess it’s jakobs. but i’m a huge fan of vladof, even if i don’t actually use it much. i like quite a lot what they done to the brands in this game i feel that all of them are fun to use, dahl included. speaking of dahl… i think they’re are the biggest supprise for me, they really did a great job making them feel and sound great. if i had to make a list it would be something like this and based of most used

  1. Jakobs
  2. tediore
  3. Dahl
  4. Vladof
  5. Maliwan
  6. Torgue
  7. Hyperion
  8. COV
  9. Atlas
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  1. Dahl, reliable and typically comes in elementals without unnecessary charge time.
  2. Torgue, also has elemental varieties and being able to use sticky projectile to increase bullet velocity & increase damage is much needed.
  3. Tediore, I couldn’t get into toss and reload in BL2 however making them function in other ways completely changed the game.
  4. Jakobs, it’s not always about matching elements and these snipers are bomb at insta gib.
  5. Hyperion, at low level I had a build where my gun and my shield both had a chance to return ammo to the magazine - worked out nicely.
  6. Vladof, I end up using these at those in between levels where I don’t have a good gun… Not sure why they drop so frequently for me though - they’re harder for me to use successfully
  7. COV, dunno why but reloading being at random times just throws me off. Had maybe one of two from the manufacturer that felt right.
  8. Maliwan, honestly been avoiding these until my Amara play through. Charge time is annoying especially in co op because my wife seems to love shooting the exact same bad guys so I feel my time is wasted lol
  9. Atlas, not even tried one yet. Tracking sounds cool but overall they look stat wise to be sub par. If I find a specific area in the game where tracking is useful (like in the general Knox expansion with those assassins) then I’ll try one out otherwise I’m not interested.

A lot of people seem to really like Dahl and I’m on the shortbus holding Atlas in top 4 lol

Dahl was really nice at the start, and I have to admit I liked the aesthetics to em. They are just too average. Granted Jakobs is all to flashy either but Dahl just never wowed me. Although thats likely cause I dont use SMGs and SMGs are like their bread and butter. Guess I just prefer Vladof over Dahl and they pretty much do the same thing. One gives you a Machine Gun or a Battle Rifle, the other gives you a Machingun or a Grenade launcher/Shotgun/Missile lol.

Guess I just just like Atlas cause they are unique in the sense this is a futuristic game and besides Maliwan that have futuristic guns that fit the bill. :purple_heart: the Handguns and Launchers Atlas has, the design are great cosmetically and the Atlas Launchers are more like Mortars then Missiles.




  • Vladof Love the feel and fire rate, love the rockets
  • Dahl Great all around gun
  • Torgue Not as good in this as BL 2 but still pretty fun

Next two I lump together, both are just ok

  • COV

  • Atlas

  • Jakobs I want to love them but just like BL2 just don’t, don’t have big enough mags for me

  • Hyperion just don’t love like last game

  • Tediore ugh, loved them in BL2 (or I should say the plasma caster) but damage is just way too low and the thrown re-load isn’t like throwing a nade like it was in BL2

  • Maliwan man they destroyed this guns

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4.dahl(they’re good but kinda dull)

I think if you find a good epic one the jakobs assault rifle can be pretty good for semi automatic fire. I love the spoke wheel clips. Men in black 4 totally stole that design.

Dahl and Jakobs are my go-tos

Couldn’t agree more. This was my only appeal for tediore, seems gearbox completely missed that point on a lot of the new tediores.

I really want to love jakobs, but maybe I need to shoot a lot of bullets, maybe my aim is bad

Also the endless reloads kill them for me.

Jakobs and Torgue are my favourite.

Dahl are the most boring.

I want to like Tediore, but then I try to open a chest and end up reloading…

I like the Atlas Q System ARs. Particularly with a puck - kill one enemy with smart bullets and the tracking puck moves to another nearby enemy. Getting long chain kills like that amuses me.

I like Vladof with Bottomless Mags Moze.

I occasionally find a Maliwan gun I don’t hate.

Hyperion is only slightly less boring than Dahl.

COV are annoying.

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  1. Hyperion. I don’t really care for the shield gimmick, but the damage and accuracy’s usually pretty good. The only reason it’s above Jakobs is because I like all the weapon varieties.

  2. Jakobs. I adore the shotguns, and the sniper rifles are pretty tight too. Not big on the assaults, and I’m just not a revolver person.

  3. Dahl. They’re just decent weapons. No real gimmick to them; they’re nothing special, but they can get the job done.

  4. COV. I like that you don’t have to reload them as long as you pay attention to the meter. Some of them have pretty okay damage, too.

  5. Vladov. I really like their pistols.

  6. Torgue. They’re good damage-wise, but I don’t like the small clip size and slow ROF. I don’t use them all that much.

  7. Atlas. I practically never use them. The tracking is cool, but they just seem lackluster.

  8. Maliwan. Don’t like the charging. Sometimes they’re okay, but I’ve only ever had one gun that I stuck with for a while.

  9. Tediore… Ehhhh.

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Jakobs and Torgue.

  1. Jakobs
  2. Atlas (Q-System AR’s are decent. I rarely use the tracking darts.)
  3. Maliwan (I like their Terminator and Shockwave shotguns. That’s about it.)
  4. Torgue
  5. COV
  6. Dahl (I’d rank higher if they were more ammo-efficient.)
  7. Vladof
  8. Hyperion
  9. Tediore (I only use the MIRV ones. Great burst damage.)
  1. Vladof
  2. Torgue
  3. Hyperion
  4. Maliwan

Vladof: Honestly, an underbarrel explosive with a good Annointment will outperform any legendary. BOOM! Clear entire fields of enemies in an instant! Even without annointment, still very strong.

Torgue: Gyrojets are not well balanced atm…some weapons get tiny single-digit damage boosts, others get triple-digit boosts. Find a good Torgue with a large magazine and high gyro percentage, and it will melt everything.

Hyperion: Shields are nice for shrugging off incoming damage while picking off enemies.

Maliwan: Elemental versatility is nice…but redundant when we can hold 4 weapons. Still, more useful than any other manufacturers I didn’t bother to mention.