Exclusive Pre-order bonus - A Badass miniature!

Newly announced pre-order bonus (along with the gold skins) 5 minatures!
All pre-orders at the participating retailers will all include a random and blindly wrapped figure.

These miniatures will include :

And Montana

Limited to EB Games and Gamestop retailers.

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…which means Canada and US only. I have a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad face.


Now that’s a pre-order bonus.


Welp. I’d only do it if I got a guaranteed Orendi. But seems like it’s not even for Germany. Also no golden skin for Orendi :frowning:
Preorder not wurf for me :neutral_face:

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I feel your pain :frowning:

It says randomly selected, I’m assuming this means that you be given a random figure and not the give them to random pre-orders, right?

Right. All pre-orders at these retailers will include a random figure.

Will those awesome figures be limited to US/Canada pre-orders? o.o I´d love the Miko figure…

If so, I just sculpt my own. Hey @TheFunfighter you wanted a Orendi figure? :wink:

Ah, yes just red it. Only US/Canada. You lucky bastards :broken_heart:


Lets get started in sculpting my own. wiggles fingers

Shut up and take my money!
No seriously, I’d love a Orendi minature, why I don’t like it that this is NA only.

Your assumption is probably right.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Don’t forget Canada, eh!

Yes!! I knew it. And they said i was mad… Hahaha

Pre-order confirmed.

Damn you!
shakes fists

If I get Orendi I’ll send her to you battle buddy. I promise.

Depends on the size and prize though. Although I can’t imagine you ripping me off too hard. We can discuss that via PM i think.

Too friendly. As if we poor non-North Americans can just go and create our own fan stuff :cry:
wipes tears with his Battleborn sketches

3/5 chances of getting one I would really like!


I am hoping for Rath. Though my chances are slim. I will happily trade any hero I get with a friend for Rath :heart: