Exclusivity with Hair Color Diversity

Why are you re coloring everything, but Deande hair color with all of her skins? Why is Phoebe always blonde, Ambra and Orendi forever with black hair, and Thorn with the Perma white hair? I thought it was because they had more hair than Shayne, Reyna, and Melka, but then Alani came out with different hair colors for each skin. Wtf? I think Deande’s base recolors look gross, but if she had dark pink, green, purple, etc hair then she may look good in those and I’d consider them. I was hoping for hair color diversity in the OPS skins, but sadly I am disappointed again.

Part of me feels like they did this so that when the premium skins came out with varying hair colors, we’d be more inclined to buy them, but that not a very good reason.

Most of the platinum skins have recoloured hair.

I know. My point is that the natural recolors should offer that. It doesn’t make sense for certain characters to have their hair change with free skins and others don’t.

That’s just how the recolours work, I guess. Some of them could definitely have it admittedly and it would look pretty cool.