Excuse me. Can i reset point in guardian rank ?and can i mail item to my friend?

I wanan reset point is I spend in guardian rank . and Can I send item to my friend by ingame mail ?
please advice :<


This I can answer. Pause your game, select “Social” and tab over to email. There should be a “Send email” button/key prompt on the bottom of the screen.

Once you hit that you’ll see your inventory on the left and your friends list on the right. Choose an item, then scroll down and select your friend, then send. You’ll be asked to confirm, then it’s on the way!

Note that your friend does not have to be currently on-line to send, but they do need to be on the same platform as you.

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thank you so much . now I can clear my bag :>

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if you go into your files and totally delete your saves that should do it to clear guardian rank. it’s shared across your files and each one should store some amount of the cumulative progress. Unfortunately it’s built in, you’d probably be a bit more interested in seeing if it’s something we can turn off and on like BA ranks.

come to think of it the rank is probably updated across all files as your own progress is made, so if you delete a save the progress is still there on other files. so you can’t really do anything about it the moment you start investing. I do hope myself that there’s going to be a on/off switch

I scare to do this process . so its np . heh ….

Yeah, I really wouldn’t recommend you delete your save files. Probably wouldn’t fix the issue anyway if it’s anything like BL2’s BAR system.

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oh that’s true. it may be built into your game profile instead

and I don’t mean to endorse deleting, I’m simply saying that may be the only way. ofc you can easily take them out of the folder, and put them back in a minute, “delete” isn’t necessarily the only option

On PC maybe… consoles, that would be a big “nope”.

oh definitely, agreed. I remember I was terrified about extracting my files from Xbox so I could keep progress on PC, would not recommend doing that on a XB1 or PS4.