Excuse me . guardian rank have a cap :o?

its have a cap :o ? or it bottomless ?
thank you

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Every characteristic cap at 15%. Still pretty hard to reach without cheating

Yes, it is difficult to reach, especially with negative stats.

What negative stats?

Here you can see what I mean.

negative shield delay is ok, decreases the recharge delay
Reload speed works correctly with the negative value
Action Skill Cooldown - the same as above

Negative Recoil value sounds like ok.
Don’t know about Accuracy.

I don’t know if they work, as you can see, I avoid investing in them. (I will invest in some to test, thx)

I think not, it is reduction, the higher the number, the more the recoil is reduced.

Clearly they are bug, and they have been like this from day one, without fixing it or giving a solution.

Reload and Cooldown works as intended. Don’t know about the rest cause I didn’t invested points into them.

each caps at 15% though I got my guardian rank (think im at 500+ rank now) by farming graveward offline for over 40 hours maybe as like seeing orange drops and getting the ones I want is still challenge due to being over 150 orange drops and ones I want are still very hard to get with rng.

also im not 15% in each skill (maxed) either yet before person asks! as some are still at like 10% or 8% for me

Yup, which is interesting considering we were told repeatedly there wasn’t a cap. Honesty is a fickle subject apparently.

I am thinking that the cap maybe only temporary, and will be increased once more content is available. Same thing actually happened with Diablo 3’s paragon system, but people were not able to discover and reach the cap until much later, and eventually they raised that cap too.

Also I hope once the cap is raised they also include additional perks to unlock.

It doesn’t have a cap just after 15% your gaining like .001 or something ridiculously low…it has huge diminishing returns after 15%

Do you have an image of someone with stats above the perceived limit of 15%? I saw people show edited characters dumping points into it and it wouldn’t move even a .01%.

Unfortunately, I don’t… I am just passing down something I was told. I know that for example my max health is at 14.94%. The last time I rank up I put a point in it …didn’t increase. So far it has been taking me 2-3 guardian ranks just to increase it by .01.

There are two things that bum me out about the system.

  1. vehicle damage?

  2. why aren’t our guardian ranks displayed in a co-op setting.

The max is 850! I’m ~405 now and level up maybe four times in offline MM3 Slaughter Shaft.