Excuse me. What is " Slam" on Armara Artifect :o?

I got some artifect is ask me to slam for active it. its a phase slam cd 35 sec ? or what is a " slam " please advice .

thank you

One of her action skills is called Phaseslam.

so its really 35 sec cd for use this trinket ?_?

“Slam” is also a move that any character can do by hitting the crouch button while dropping from height e.g. jumping from a cliff-top down into a mob. I’ve seen a couple of relics that add elemental damage to the slam ‘nova’ (cryo and corrosive). It’s one of the things you have to do during the in-game tutorial sequence at the beginning.

Without seeing the item card, I’m not sure if the one you have refers to that or specifically to Amara’s Phaseslam.

thank you . you reply it in time. I manage my bank and my bag atm . and really push 4 slam trinket in to vending machine. I found it now what is slam . it just need jump from high ground and crouch as you said :> thank you so much


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