Excuse me. What stat ? on maliwan VIP gun :o?

I have point to redeem it. but I wanna know about it first . what stat on it ? is it smg ? handgun ? or assasult rifle ? is it can swtich to 4 element ? or just 2. ? Is it worth enough to spend all my point to redeem it ?
or I just keep my point incase gearbox release new outfit for me in br3 :0

thank you for reply :>

I think it only goes to level 10…I actually spent VIP points on that gun, all the cosmetics, etc also golden and stallion gun skins and never got a damn thing lol so Im not real sure.

At any rate, Id say go for it! I imagine if they release more skins they will also offer a chance to get more VIP points.

Hopefully the next set of skins I can actually get.

It’s always lvl 12, makes me real sad, and mine does 11 dps w/ 33 dot. pretty good if you’re level 12 (I was at level cap when I got the gun :cry:)