EXCUSE me WTF? pistols in M3

i am a big time revolver and handgun lover. and by all accounts i love them in bl3 too but they fall so far behind smg and ar dmg capabilities outside of few ones that it is not even funny.

i really try to make these work in m3, with playing dirty you can add whole extra projectile to lets say thorns or foursum or aaa. and while these guns kill they kill nowhere as fast as other options.

yes duc and unforginven still own if non elemental bullet dmg does not bite the modifier dust but for their mag sizes everything else i love performs relatively bad:
5.AAA ( i luv it tho but range kills it for most areas)

  1. oh wait these are the good ones yet lol the other ones are even further behind
    maliwan: legendaries generally come out extremely niche i guess hellshock is goodish in terms of mag size/firerate/dmg on card but then we have bunch of meh even with double projectile counts.
    vladof’s: are just no impact bullethoses for m3 (yes probably moze can do sth with it but only if you forced her to choke on it)
    dahl: apart from my bae AAA and very strong but niche nightflyer. nemesis flat out loses to barragel hornet again can only fin the place in moze’s loving hands cuz it does have splash for extra umph
    jacobs: generally good but mayhem always rolls with -5000% non elemental dmg
    torgue: these guns should rejoice in having playing dirty stacks but they just do not do near enough dps to find a place in slot. (they are good i love them, but they are just not good enough)

i feel like apart from regular guns in red text department handguns are losing by larger margin to dps guns than they should. yes they are ammo efficient but who needs that in endgame.

from the get go it felt like pistols are the real big time side arms in this game, because previously they had bigger mags, now i look at vladof dahl mag sizes and for repeater type pistols they are just naaah

i don care how but make foresum occulist and thorns comparable to cutsman or imma eat greek yogurt diet for a week!

sherif players needs some love and duce and unforgiven are not cutting my lust for handgun ownage.


Try the thunderballs fists on a melee build.

Morning after did a vid on it. He was one shotting katagawa.

I like revolvers as well, but they are lacking. Waiting for a buff on them. I have some maggies and some mashers just waiting to be used.

The duc and unforgiven are ok but they should hit alot harder than they do right now.

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Unforgiven is actually op

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Not the one i have, the fire rate is terrible.

I’m pretty sure its the unforgiven…

I’ve got a collection of these pistols that sit in the bank waiting for the glitch to delete them because they just don’t perform, which sucks because they are my absolute favorites. Add to that the stupid 50% nerf they smashed the Maggie with, being a gunslinger just ain’t what it used to be. (As that playstyle has been before and as intended,not that goofiness with the cutsman and unforgiven.)

Offline at least the Maggie is worth a darn, but I have the sneaking suspicion that there are a ton of Legendaries that don’t drop offline, aside from just class mods.

At the momen level 37
I found a nice Jakobs pistol that does more damage than all my smgs etc

But I am afraid of mayhem when elemental damage is more important… all pistols suck then ?

I love playing with pistols

dang dog i said they don such unforgiven is somewhat too strongish even but mostly they just do not live up to what AR and SMG best in slots do, they don such they are just not suited well for what â– â– â– â–  show mayhem 3 is.

i have ran m3 araes myself with pistol zane and cleaned cov even but it is just nowhere as easy or fast as best in slot snipers shotguns ars or smgs.

funny - my experience is the exact opposite - Most of the ARs feel extremely weak (not talking about legendaries, only got 1 Jakobs yet), but nearly all pistols are killing at a high pace.

the point is exactly that we are talking legendaries.

i love pistols. Even the bad ones are fun and do crazy damage. Not all are usable for every character though. Crit pistols are best on FL4K. Melee pistols like the psycho stabber are great for amara.

The AAA is one of the best shock guns in the game. One mag - a mighty nine rounds - is enough to strip most shields and kill lesser guardians.

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my only complaint with pistols really is the sheer amount of them dropping. Feels like I m drowning in a sea of crappy pistols. Made some box runs today, opened about 50 of them, stopped counting after my 100th pistols…its simply ridiculous

Thats really all for me, I avoid using pistols except for Maliwan charge pistols. Otherwise I stay with SMGs, ARs or Shotguns…personal preferance and the reason why I get so annoyed with the high frequency of pistol drops

Well…for me it’s the ARs that are weak. My pistols are doing quite well for me.

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yeah buddy it is not, run it on slaughter house and compare it to crossroad cutsman or laser sploader or rowans call or lucians call or barrage heck even bitch will out do it.

Why is it that this is the only level of argument you have? This is not how you have a productive discussion.

Considering that you’ve been patronising forum members for the last month yet made a post about finishing Slaughter House for the first time only yesterday, I don’t think this has much merit coming from you. I have a much larger sample size to pull from, so forgive me if I don’t immediately bend to your whole one run of experience.

If you want to disagree, it helps to have reasoning behind your argument rather than just pulling a “no u” and challenging everyone for the sake of it. Grammar wouldn’t hurt, either.


Okay so you are saying AAA performs across the board anywhere as good as guns I mentioned? I know heck all about your sample size. Mind giving me a quick gameplay comparison? Lul

I said myself it is a bae of a pistol but c’mon now compared to best in slot when will you ever take it over those guns? U can take it over 9volt mayheps and it is nowhere in top tier SMG conversation

Yes, that is what I’m saying.

Always. Well, with the exception of Moze, I use the Thunderball Fists on her. Why? Because as a shield stripping shock weapon it’s one of the best options. It doesn’t need to kill mobs and badasses, that’s not what it’s for. Even then, it hits trash mibs surprisingly hard for a shick weapon. Guns like the Crossroad and Laser-Sploder are better suited for that. Why would you ever use a shock one of them when you can element match against flesh/armour and use the AAA for exactly what it’s designed to do? As a shock weapon, it’s one of the best in the game. Comparing a shock locked pistol to ARs and SMGs that can come in any element is ridiculous.

It’s not just about which gun has the highest raw damage output, it’s about what gun is best suited to the role. The AAA strips shields and kills guardians faster than most weapons in the game.

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that does not match my experience, A pattern means crits land seldom even compared to crossroads and cutsmans spread, secondly i reload a lot more which can be detrimental. we are indeed talking shock vs shock, and as long as it is shock locked it should excel at being shock locked. it has annoying travel time and if i can not bust through the badass shield in a burst and need a reload that becomes a problem in shaft or even regular game if you are close to tink or zealot. and why is it exactly better than storm or wisp or brainstormer in terms of being shock locked? wisp never fails to strip shields and while storm does have annoying charge time at least you can use it as a tesla nade and spam the floor and hit multiple targets. What i am saying is that it is a secondary weapon in this case and it should not be.

What is the benefit of slow mowing non crit friendly firing pattern with low mag? i like the gun as much as you do perhaps. but i do not see a reason why you would have it as your shield stripping option over anything else (unless i ran out of ammo on other gun type)

i do think gun’s is a bae but 9 in the mag on a repeater is a bit extreme

just ran a small test and 2 mags of AAA does roughly same on stationary target as crossroads 2 bursts. after 2 burtsts i still have 50+ mag in crossroad and i have already reloaded once on AAA (14 bullet mag)

I never said it was. The Brainstormer in particular is an excellent gun, but the main reason I wouldn’t use it in most cases is that there are better shotguns to use in its place. If you’re not using a shotgun in your loadout and don’t have a shield stripping weapon, then it’s a solid choice. Which is my point about the AAA, it might not stand up to a lot of other guns in terms of DPS but what it does it does very well.

The very high damage per shot and heavy DoT it can inflict. The erratic pattern can be irritating at times but I find crits easy enough to land, the projectiles are quite large and spawn close together and it’s very accurate when firing from the hip. I guess if you’re fighting from a distance and ADS a lot then something like The Storm would be a better choice. I’m a hyper aggressive run and gunner personally, so most of the time I’m using the AAA with success. Sometimes I miss, that’s when the burst fire and small mag ticks me off, fortunately the reload speed is fast to compensate.

i agree that if you run and gun and manage to play in your face without dying it can be fun but that is not a lot of setups on a lot of characters :smiley: in close range it can edge out cutsman but still not lasersploader rowans call or crossroad. i think 18 in mag would make it really solid.

AAA vs modifiers

sadly i could not bring the b1tch wonder how it fares but mag size will probably take over.

p.s. i hate modifiers so non smg shoty comparisons are not fair but point stands gun lacks range/mag size