Does this automatic attack target a hit box??

Damage Boosts?

If I’m a gun Zer0 that very occasionally melee’s…

Why spec it??

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I… uh… I think you may be in the wrong section bud.

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Crap…you are totally correct.

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My apologies.

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No. It only propels you in a straight line from where you’re standing. You can use it to attack flying enemies, though, so it’s not like Montana’s dash that only goes in a straight line; It’s more like ISIC’s dash where he can dash just about anywhere on the map.

Only if you hit your target from behind. Equip the Rapier for maximum damage.

It’s good for positioning. If your Execute doesn’t finish off your target, you can generally kill them with a few shots since you’re so close to them.


For a gun-based Zer0, Execute is great for the knockback. Specifically, when you hit them, they’ll spin to face you no matter their original orientation, land with their head down (if they’re humanoid anyway - great for crits), and be stunned for a moment (so you have time to get a bead on their briefly immobile crit spot).

Also, to get there, use Killing Bl0w and your favorite second-tier skill (I’m okay with both, but you’ll probably be advised to get Grim). If you find an enemy with a sliver of health, Killing Bl0w hits hard with Execute.

If nothing else, as long as you’re in Decepti0n and there’s a target in your crosshairs, you can do the Execute dash. If the target is too far away, you can repeatedly dash towards them… you’ll just stop at the maximum distance and can then repeat. This is handy for getting somewhere fast, but even better, if you can keep a Buzzard in your sights, repeated Executions can literally make you fly (when you aim up at the Buzzard, Zer0 will dash into the air). Killing a Buzzard out of the air after chaining a few Executions to get there is incredibly satisfying. Even if you don’t kill it - super fun.


^that. I use it all the time on every build.


What? I thought Execute is flat 2x to melee damage and the only thing requiring back hits is Backstab (or Ambush outside Decept0n but that not a consideration when thinking Execute).[quote=“johnrr6, post:1, topic:1554965”]
Why spec it??

This is pretty much covered already but finishing off low health targets (killing blow + execute), repositioning, stunning, flying (I’ve managed to recover being knocked into the abyss once or twice because of this :smiley: ). In some areas it can also be used to knock enemies off of cliffs since it causes a knockback. It’s both a fun and useful skill.


Right, right. It’s been awhile since I’ve played Zer0. :dukefp:

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[quote=“Lammas, post:7, topic:1554965”]I’ve managed to recover being knocked into the abyss once or twice because of this[/quote]That’s a hell of a recovery :open_mouth:

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