Execute Mechanics

Running through Caustic Caverns the other night, and had a few issues with Execute. Essentially, when triggered it would consistently take me to the right of my target, meaning that I whiffed instead of hit about 50% of the time. Does anyone have any insight into the mechanics of Execute that might help me improve my success rate?

I don’t know much about it, but I know it makes you dash towards the hitbox of an enemy, so if it has a stupidly large one that was coded badly, then it could take you to the very edge of their hitbox, which can make you miss.

This was specifically with the legs of crystalisks. A good execute would take out one entire leg crystal; sometimes though I’d dash to the right of the leg into empty space…

Yeah, what I said is definitely true for those enemies.

I would try facing the leg head-on before you execute:

That should help keep you from whiffing the blow.

I think you’re right - all the times I missed, I was executing from the side.

Also, I’m now wondering how Backstab works in these circumstances - is it still relative to the enemy’s “face”, as it were?

Also also, I’m now wondering if Ambush applies to melee attacks in addition to Backstab?

I don’t use a melee Zer0 much, but it’s worth a try. :wink:

That I don’t know. I would check to see if there’s any damage difference between attacking the two front legs versus the rear one.

Ambush is always in effect when you’re in deception mode, so it should apply its bonus to any melee attack.

I think besides the “direction it’s facing” it also relates to things such as wether or not the enemy is targeting you or is aware of your presence, if I recall correctly you get backstab bonus from attacking an enemy from Decepti0n even if he is facing you (although shooting something else).

It applies separately from backstab and it’s also multiplied with base+roid, skill bonuses and blade attachment modifier

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