Executes in the game

Does anyone else think that there should be more executes in the game?
The only one I can think of is Pendles at level 10.
It could be a good way to buff/nerf without changing numbers, such as making Orendi’s ult do more to low percentage health targets and small amounts to high percentage health targets. Melka’s ult could also be effected in this way maybe.
Is this a good idea, and who else could benefit from an execute?

Orendi with increased damage against low health targets? Please, never bring that up again. For Mellka it’d kind of make sense… since… she’s an assassin-type character.

Execute-esque capability should be kept to assassins, like Deande and Pendles. And, TBH, I’m fine with just leaving it with Pendles.


It’s more so orendi can’t take most of a characters health in one hit, like it does 300 damage against targets above 25% and 600 against targets below 25%.

That’s not how executes work though. Executes are increased damage to enemies below a health threshold, and in other games, they are instakills.

is that not what i’m saying?

it does 300 damage to targets above 25%

its more so orendi can’t take most of a characters health in one hit

It’s weird. The problem is more that Orendi can do like 800 dmg with two pillars, easily, so there is no reason to give her an execute.

Oh, Let me rephrase my sentence.
Make her ult an execute so she can no longer take large portions of health from full/high percentage health targets. Bad English from me there.

I was confused with that, was about to make a comment on it. Anyways…

Orendi’s damage should be nerfed in general. No executes for her.

You want it to deal reduced damage to enemies above 25% (or some other threshold), but more to enemies below that. This just… it makes me shiver. She should be taking chunks out of people’s health, yes, but I don’t want it to be done in this way. Just let it stay the way it is, but with a damage nerf to shadowfire Pillars and her ultimate.

Haha my bad :stuck_out_tongue:[quote=“MeltedCow, post:8, topic:1555507”]
Orendi’s damage should be nerfed in general

Kinda disagree but that’s off topic.[quote=“MeltedCow, post:8, topic:1555507”]
Just let it stay the way it is, but with a damage nerf to shadowfire Pillars and her ultimate.

To me, just giving it a damage nerf is kinda unimaginative. Giving a execute kinda does nerf her ult without just directly cutting her damage.

Unimaginative, sure, but Orendi is a simplistic character with a simple combo. An easy combo that has little risk and high reward.

Her ultimate already has enough killing power, I don’t want its functionality changed, it just needs a flat damage nerf.

Other characters could do well with executes. Orendi? I don’t think so. Her ult is used as both a finisher and a nuking tool.

I guess we just disagree on this which is fine i guess![quote=“MeltedCow, post:10, topic:1555507”]
Her ult is used as both a finisher and a nuking tool.

And i don’t like the nuking part, especially with pillarstorm.

What other characters do you think an execute might suit?

You also realise what im saying is nerfing orendi’s ult

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I can picture WF and Caldarius having this sorta thing.

Not orendi though. She has too many tools already. oO


Caldarius’s ultimate as an execute would be very fitting. It is an air-to-ground self-missile attack and it doesn’t do much damage as is. So an increase to targets below 25% health would work well. It’s meant to be a finisher, right?

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In the current state, even after update, nobody gives a sheet to Caldarius.

Wait what? Caldarius is very powerful in the right hands. Extreme annoyance to just about everyone in the game.

Ok, shall I correct myself?

My friends and I’ve never (ever) found a Caldarius worth a pinneaple juice. He is good, but our attention always derail to other allegedly more dangerous character. Like Alani, Orendi, Bennedict, Klesse.

Actually, I have seen the emergence of the supports as damage dealers.

A good Caldarius is a rare sight. A really good Caldy, I mean.

It’s not a character that’s so hard to master, IMO (and I don’t mean level 15 mastery), I guess a lot of people have difficult with him.

Consider you and your friends lucky. It’s awful to be on the receiving end of a fantastic Caldarius. Fantastic is a stretch though, he’s really not all that difficult to play, at least for me.