Executioner passive question

so, the kill skill that increases crit damage, status etc… is this triggered by seeing red and buffed by death follows close?

i guess the other question is about what sort of values these give, probably quite hard to tell i imagine?

cheers in advance.

Seein’ Red does trigger it. Not 100% if it’s buffed by Death Follows Close, because the numbers are not shown, but I would assume it does.

Not sure what the actual numbers are but can say they do make a significant difference especially for certain elemental weapons.

Accuracy, Crit Chance and Status damage are pretty easy to test. From the looks of it, Accuracy seems to be boosted by 20-30% (take a low accurate gun, use Seein Red, measure the decrease of potential bullet spread), so I would assume that the other values would be in that range as well.
€: Accuracy reduction for me 15 seconds with Death Follows close and 8 seconds without, so it does get the 7 seconds from Death Follows Close and I assume it would also get the efficiency boost.

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