Exited 4hrs after brief multiplayer, but progress never saved

On Sunday afternoon , I invited my lvl38 friend to join my lvl23 game to help with Takagawa’s Ball, and we killed it, grabbed the fragment, etc. He also sent some items via mail, and then departed. Afterward, I gained some decent items from the Golden Chest & vending machines, I respec’d due to a better class mod, changed appearance, and then spent the next 3hrs scrubbing Atlas HQ. when I booted the game 12hrs later, all progress was lost, all items received from the missions / vendors / social mail were all gone, and my skill tree was as before. The only thing that was retained was my change of appearance.

While I can’t get my progress nor items back, there’s clearly a bug with save games after a multiplayer session (but the lower player continues their missions. I have no idea why my appearance was retained but no other save-state info, so PLEASE check your code there before the next patch.

Thanks for a great game, but it’s unfortunate when AAA games have to rush their release. I would’ve been much happier with public betas & stress tests over all the pageantry of the VIP program, particularly when most pre-release coverage was PC-based Twitch streaming. I know there was a “surprise” element to the launch, but currently the biggest surprise for me has been lost progress & matchmaking weirdness.