Exiting inventory

Didn’t have this problem before, but now whenever I open the inventory menu and I am with my cursor on the right side I press esc/tab to close it, but it just pushes me outside the right inventory side and I have to press esc/tab twice to properly close the inventory. Very small nuisance that would be nice if fixed soon.


I agree, the backpack inventory is not behaving like before dcl5. Right now if I’m in my inventory and I hit ESC to get out of it it’ll go to the inventory backpack icon, above the slotted weapons, first. I have to hit ESC twice and sometimes it doesn’t even register. I also can’t hover over any weapons and hit “R” for Mark as Junk/Favorite as it’ll mark it once but then jump back to the backpack icon above the slotted weapons. I then have to hover over the weapon again and “R” it once more before it jumps back to the backpack icon.

Same here. Extremely frustrating. I find hovering over the backpack icon helps, but you shouldn’t have to do this. Definitely a bug.

Yes, I have this too, its so annoying!