Expanding Atomizer (All versions wanted)

Ok so I’m asking for a alot considering people only really farm ledgendary wepons but I want an in game copy of my replica maliwan pistol (I’m aware the weapon in game isn’t very good)
It’s called the Expanding Atomizer and I have a pic.
If anyone comes across it while wandering around pandora ect I’d be very grateful :+1:t2:

PSN is KnownMac

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I’m keeping an eye out for you, just found this so close.

Ello mate that’s awesome did you keep it ?
I’d love to have it.
The one I really want has the round shight on top too but that’s just being really picky.
I would appreciate as many versions of this Atomizer for my collection as possible.

Yes I hung on to it add me on PSN same username,

Thankyou I appreciate it :+1:t2: let me know if your after anything particular and I’ll have a look out for it if I dont already have one

I’ll keep a look out for the exact one. :grin:
If you happen to get your hands on M10 versions of these I’d appreciate one if possible-
OPQ 100% Sntnl Cryo or 200 ASA
Corrosive Plaguebearer, same annoints

Just top of my farming lists atm. :rofl:

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Ok cool thanks. I’ll have a look in my banks when I get up tomoz bit if not I’ll spend a few hours farming for one and see if i get lucky. I got an Atomizer today but it was missing most of the parts :rofl:

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Send me a FR, I have an Atomier for you

All done thanks mate :+1:t2:

Just sent it enjoy

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Ello mate farmed for 6 hours this morning and got 9 OPQ’s but none of them with the anoint you wanted. This was the best but I’ll try again tomoz

Thanks anything you need just ask if I dont have it then I’ll keep it on a eyes peeled list :rofl:

Looking for monarchs X8 with sntl 100, kinetic or any element, cheers.

I’ve got those OPQ’s but I’d like that corrosive Plaguebearer as I still haven’t landed a single one. You still needing that exact Atomiser?

Just sent you another atomizer, cheers.

Only have x4 or a x8 rakk attack but I’ll do a bit of faming tomoz and see if I get lucky and thanks for the other Atomizer

Pf you still want more I can Pick them up when I see them

Yes please mate. That would be great. What element do you want on the monarch if you had a choice and I’ll see if I can get it

Fire or rad would be on top but anyone would be good

Just sent it over mate. I’ll let you know if I get anything tomoz too. Yes please to the Atomizer I’m still after the one in the pic but with around scope on top but any version would be good too.