Expectations for Battleborn

I’m an avid fan for the Borderlands Franchise and thus a fan of Gearbox Software. When I first heard of Battleborn my initial reaction was “This isn’t Borderlands…” After that initial reaction I started to look at the game a bit more critically and found myself thinking about how it’s not as enticing as Borderlands had initially been. The artwork was “too cartoony”, the characters “not cool enough” (although I did really like Thorn’s design almost immediately), and the gameplay seemed a little mundane.

As new trailers and information and gameplays surfaced I slowly started to shift a bit in my opinion. Characters such as Orendi and Miko seemed very “fun” to play giving me hope for more “cool and interesting” characters, and the aesthetics were slowly being seen in a better light (keyword “better”, not sold on it just yet). The gameplay also changed from mundane to a bit more interesting with character’s skills being utilized, and probably will become even more interesting with new gameplay aspects being revealed.

Ok, now with that short history out of the way; I just wanted to say that after looking more into the game, I have developed expectations about the game (and thus have already probably set myself up for disappointment, as the saying goes).


  • Interesting cast of enemies.
    • I’ve liked previous creature designs made by Gearbox, I expect nothing less than fun and challenging things to kill. In terms of the Multi-player, I’m hoping there are creatures such as those in LoL which reward the collective team for their demise.
  • Smartly-Designed Maps.
  • With so many characters I’m hoping that the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of those characters have been taken into account when developing the maps as to make sure that each character can excel just the same as any other on any given stage of a map. This is most important in the competitive multi-player mode of the game where any unfair advantage, even due to terrain, could sway the characters that are chosen.
  • A steady stream of new character DLC
  • If a game can support 25 characters, I’m sure it can support more. I’m also not talking 1-2, I’m talking 10+! This is because I assume that the game is meant for the long haul, and thus would require new characters to change up the competitive aspect of the game where some players may favor certain characters/teams over others.
  • Skills with more purpose than random “buffs/debuffs”.
  • Skills that increase base damage or the damage of other skills aren’t really that exciting if that’s all they do. I think that’s something I find disappointing in the Helix system, but that may be my ignorence of how it works. I know that some Helix skills add special properties along with damage buffs which is a step in the direction I like (but if I recall correctly, not many helix skills do that, most are static buffs/debuffs to damage, or radius, or cooldowns, or range, etc).
  • Wish there were a system of skills also apart from the base games where it dealt strictly with the Competitive Multi-Player mode. Skills such that may affect your minions, opposing minions, your team’s progression/opposing team’s progression. Skills more useful against other Battleborn as opposed to random npc controlled creatures. Skills that hinder your enemy team from healing, sniping, etc.

So in summary, I’m keeping a close eye on the game as a skeptic, but I do admit to seeing some potential. The game seems ambitious and I really hope Gearbox will deliver yet another masterpiece of a game (they made Borderlands, so they are more than capable).


  1. A character that changes forms!
  2. Enemies that Evolve (Varkids were THE best creature design I’ve ever seen in any game, EVER.)
  3. Equip-able, use-able, items that help during specific situations during Multi-player games. (Smokesreen, etc)
  4. I would also like some sort of Trap System mainly for the multi-player games. It would be nice to set invisible traps for opposing players to gain strategic advantages…even a character capable of doing trap set-up (as opposed to items) would be cool.

Anybody else have certain expectations and/or wishes that they’d like to share?

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heard Steve Gibson talk about multiple paths, some are more melee (Like Rath) based others are higher up for flying characters (like caldarius). Level designers keep in mind what skill level you could have during the course of a level and make the level design more appealing to the higher based skills.

Yes i want, there is a big discussion about this already.
free multiplayer maps
paid campaign missions
skins dlc
characters yes only if they are not paid2win

Wrote some blog posts on my website a while back
Crafting - collect more than just shards to build gear
Gear customization - add skills/runes/powerups to your gear that affect your Character/Abilities/Map
Tower Defense - more turrets that allow you to control the battlefield
The game giving me a special badge on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow so much

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Hey @faveveid. Many of the things discussed on this thread have since been expanded on in other threads.

It is a bit outdated, so I will be locking for the time being, unless of course @Rabid_Explosions chooses to alter it in some way, in which case I’d be glad to open it up.

Please check the Battleborn section for details on the things initially spoken of in this thread.

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