Expectations for the next Big Patch

I really wanna see FL4k having more sustain.
Even tho i have a stop gap in use i get insta downed quite frequently its not like i can’t do even the hardest content but i do it while FFYL, and actually most of the time I’m playing I’m in FFYL.

But its not only FL4K weapon balance is wild man.
In a way that there is non. The brilliant marketing decision of GBX is to make new weapons op so they lure players into getting season pass cause nobody wants to miss out.

At this point its just a chore to play on consoles since DMG values of AR´s reset when quitting back to main menu. The load times are tremendous.

I feel like this game did not really got better over the time span of almost 10 months now.

There is still no Vertical split also if you play split the game really struggles even tho they made sooo much “stability” updates game stutters as day 1.
Another thing bound to spilt screen second player can’t see elements like item of the day. And Menu lag exists.

Gearbox and Devs, please take this game seriously and please care for it.
We do care. I think there is people who have fewer recourses and building better indie games atm in one man production than your “small” company.

You are responsible for your product if you don’t care you will lose even the rest of those who really love this game.
I was in love with the lore with the art style with the humor but Borderlands 3 lacks all of those things except art style.
Your visuals are good but I think you put too much emphasis on that tbh, and i think this is a huge chunk of the problem.


My expectations ?

  • Voice localization of DLC3. I don’t understand anything of what NPC say because of those awful “wild-west” accents, and I have a hard time reading subtitles in the middle of gunfights.

  • That Gearbox may add a “last” layer of big changes to the game and stop the buff/nerf hammer pendulum to then make only small 5-10% adjustments or QoL additions.

  • That we can play M10 WITHOUT all those absurd modifiers, at least in “normal” mode. I shouldn’t have to go through 10 min of clicking to avoid “big heads”, “floor is lava”, “enemies are invincible to elements” or such silliness nobody asked for, when I’m in “endgame” settings.


my expectation is hecking sniper rifle adjustment patch FFS

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First one I agree, M10 is optional, you don’t have to play it, the modifiers are very hard because that’s the modifiers, want an easier time, go to lower Mayhems, if you want to play on Mayhem 10, you should understand that it’s a difficulty setting. I haven’t had any problems with any modifier though I never have Floor is Lava because that’s not my playstyle, I also don’t have much trouble cycling through the random modifiers, and in a way it’s better than it used to be where you got different modifiers each time you get into the game and each time you go to a different area, so even less hectic on that part, get the right modifiers you can accept and play with them, but again M10 by definition is not meant to be a walk in the park.
Regarding the second part, I just hope that when all the new content is out they will do a very solid work with polishing, there is currently room for Nerfs (Iron Bear) and Buffs (Phasecast/Phaseslam, Decreased Cooldown at the VERY least, preferable with at least an even bigger damage boost but if they decrease cooldown enough that might not be required, because it’s very situation when these skills work and do the (Good) damage even after buff and compared to how Ties that Bind is with its much lower cooldown and power, it just doesn’t seem fair for how these skills work in comparison at all) and fix a ton of bugs anyhow.


I’m hoping the bare minimum Rakk attack and head count interaction fix.


I just want them to fix the dedicated drop rates first and foremost. Also, make the drops for GTD guaranteed to make up for the time involved in running it.


I can clear all content at m10 and completed the true guardian takedown solo before they addressed the scaling issues. And personally I agree that certain modifiers need removing.

In my opinion it is not the difficulty that is the problem in regards to the modifiers. Its how obtrusive and un engaging they are for the player base. What is enjoyable about sitting re rolling modifiers for 10 minutes or longer before you even fire a weapon. Allowing people to choose modifiers would be a step in the right direction, because all people do is use the same modifiers because they dont want to re roll. This is turn, forces them into a certain play style which restricts build diversity.

At the end of the day we play computer games for a challenge but that challenge needs to be enjoyable.


Dear @xvampirex,

First, about Mayhem:

M10 is optional, that is true. I don’t want an easier time, I melt everything at M0. I have no big troubles getting through M10 when I get the “good” modifiers. My problem is the time it takes to get them, not the “difficutly” they induce.

You never have “Floor is lava” because “it’s not your playstyle” ? Well, imagine that each time you change Mayhem settings, like joinging with a coop friend, you get exactly THIS modifier, for the next 50+ rolls of mayhem modifier, that once you get a roll WITHOUT this undesirable modifier, you get the worst possible combination of other modifiers for you or your friends, roll again, and here we go for another string of 50+ combinations WITH “Floor is lava”. That is my experience of rolling mayhem modifiers.

That is what I mean when speaking of 10min of clicking through modifiers. That is some time without fun, rolling mindlessly between modifiers that don’t match my playstyle or don’t match my coop friends playstyle. And you have to do that EACH TIME someone joins, so I would like to “get the right modifiers”, but it takes 10min when I’m alone, and even more in multiplayer (because my solo settings are not the same as my coop partners settings).

I can’t agree with anyone saying the current system is fine, because, mainly:

That logic of saying “M10 is optional, play lower if you can’t handle the modifiers” while you also admit playing without some of them is void. If you could honestly tell “I have no problem with ANY modifier, I run a random different combination each time, and everything is fine.”, then maybe I would consider the argument.

Second, about buffs/nerfs:

Why nerf IB ? Once in IB, you can’t use weapons or grenades, you can’t swap weapons, you’re stuck with what you have equipped. Why would you want IB to hit like a wet noodle ?
I wouldn’t mind some 5-10% adjustment, but a nerf is complete nonsense.


Well I don’t mind if they will allow us to choose modifiers, but if they don’t I don’t have much problem with it, it doesn’t take long to get to decent modifiers since I know which ones I like to roll and how to look quickly for them.
Regarding getting others modifiers, I don’t play with randoms, too many cheaters out there, just as an example, had a game up, someone joined and was destroying everything with a fast fire rate rocket launcher, asked if the person was cheating they said no, that they are using a Ruby’s Wrath x14 … I mean I know One-Shotter shield and Stagecoach x25 is rare, but this thing just doesn’t exist, with that fire rate, with that power.
Nerf Iron Bear because it’s not supposed to be a replacement to you, and it’s not supposed to do many times your own power with a full gear setup, it can be as good (When you spec into it) or maybe even a tiny bit better, but what’s going on around right now is just complete overkill.
Like I mentioned before, I’ve completed M10 challenge run, from level 1 to level 60 with just Iron Bear, I’ve actually also jumped on True Takedown Maliwan right afterwards and completed it.

Since they gave up (at least by now…) on weapon type small adjustments I’m expecting some kind of overhaul that would render micro adjustments done now irrelevant. Something big, but I don’t now what…

  1. Balance
  2. Modifiers turn off switch but keep mayhem on
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Anointed fix. Just give the choice for people to chase for or keep anointeds the same way but make dedicated drops plentiful on farming. Either 70%-100% assuming it played on max mayhem mode.

Also I remember the universal splash anointed is superior than Moze’s splash damage anointed. Some anointeds aren’t “fixed”

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It is. A rocketeer com or autobear should be nerf the damage a little but not IB while it is being used as a mech. It literally takes Moze away from the fight.

With the same logic clone should be nerfed.
And all action skills. You can solo bl3 by using almost any action skill in it. Some may take longer but you can do it.


I would just like to see special weapons that are only gained from beating a boss on M10. And weapons that drop like 1 in a hundred, just specially rare.

Either way GBX doesn’t have to do a patch, or anything every week or couple of weeks. They need to just leave it like it is for a month or so, and then decide what they want or add.

  1. Fix the dedicated loot pools and increase the drop rates a little bit.
  2. Fix the drop rates of better anointments. It’s been weeks, weeks since I’ve seen anything drop with the 200% ASA or 300/90 anointments.
  3. Allow us to pick the modifiers or play on Mayhem levels without them at all. They can even leave the enemy damage scaling with the Mayhem level as well to increase the challenge.

I would love to see this but the amount of complaints that it never drops would be astronomical.

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Hmm, I look quickly for the modifiers I like, but the game won’t show them to me no matter how quick I look. I end up spending 10 to 20 minutes just trying to get a suitable set, not even the ones I actually want.

The re-rolling should be changed to selectable, simply from a QoL perspective. Myself I wish they would add / change / eliminate modifiers. The current set have many that are simply intrusive annoyances that add no difficulty but add to the chance of your console crashing.

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I have no expectations. I find that’s the best way to mitigate disappointment.


Autobear is still not supposed to be a replacement, it’s supposed to be a supporting skill.
Clone is not close to being as powerful as the Iron Bear/Autobear, the interaction with OPQ which is a buggy/spaghet code interaction, is close to the power of IB/Autobear, but still has some place for improvement until it gets as OP.
I’d call the Clone balanced (While interaction with OPQ is not) and I will call IB broken OP as a whole. based on your nickname, you’re a fan of Anarchy which is by itself a broken weapon, and as an Anarchist myself, I doubt your name has to do with real Anarchy.
Also again, yeah, I have 2 challenge runs, the challenge is to complete a playthrough on Mayhem 10 mode with Moze and Zane from level 1 to 60, I’ve completed a playthrough with Moze (Just ran through it, no farming) then later jumped straight to True Takedown Maliwan with her and completed it. I’m stuck at level 55 on Graveward with Zane, I didn’t go for his Seein’ Dead class mod yet because I’m doing a campaign playthrough, and that class mod is on DLC1 so it doesn’t count, tried different weapons but I’ll probably figure something out eventually… haven’t played him much since then.
Also Ties that Bind needs a serious nerf in general, I don’t mind it being powerful but when 90% of the people are running builds with this skill and not with others, go figure why.
And no, it’s not that Phaseslam/Phasecast are not capable, these are 2 very capable skills, though I would like to see at the very least a cooldown reduction on them, though a tiny bit of a damage buff still wouldn’t hurt and wouldn’t make it OP and will be appreciated.
Anyway, yeah, my 2 cents.

What I want to happen:

  • them fixing major scaling issues like the MS micro grenades on IB
  • them applying the mayhem skill multiplier to the base damage of the (actual) grenades
  • them fixing other bugs like some dakka bear interactions with the guardian takedown
  • them fixing some anointment related issues
  • them changing the drop rate for dedicated drops to 1 / 10 instead of 1 / 10 / the number of drops in the dedicated loot pool
  • other minor QoL stuff

What I think is going to happen:

  • them handing out some nerfs to stuff that doesn’t really deserve it (like they did with the Kaoson)
  • them buffing some overly specific niche stuff no one really cares about