Expedition Guide bonus if pre-ordered!

Just so you know, I’ve just seen that on the BBI forums !

There is a bonus manual (not the 44Mo hwrm one !) for any DoK pre-order !
There is little time left for those interested, I nearly missed it !


My question is where is it? I mean, do I need to go somewhere to manually unlock it?

I don’t know. I suppose it’s an additionnal application alongside the game (perhaps it directly uses the 3D model from the game, from what is shown in the video), not something like a pdf or anything

We’ve made some adjustments on the back end and it looks like the Expedition Guide files should be pushing out now. Can anyone who preordered let me know if they’re seeing the Expedition Guide app?

It should be accessible by right clicking Deserts of Kharak in your Steam library and select “Launch Expedition Guide” after you receive the update.

Yep, mine showed up when I checked just now. 606MB download. While I do like the semi-interactive presentation of it, is there any chance of some sort of PDF version or otherwise a version I can download onto my tablet?

There’s nothing created at the moment, but that’s great feedback that I’ll take back and share with the rest of the team here and at BBI. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info !

I’m going to put a link to your post in the hwrm thread I also created as someone asked to know where the file was located.

For those on Steam it is quite easy you just have to download via the DLC Area on DoK’s Main Library Page.