Experience for the event on console

2 runs no piss yet but seeing more legendary on the approach using M3 normal, Tac Boom blaster, Tidal wave shotty etc, farming on.

I lowered my Mayhem from 3 to 1 at the suggestion of a few people on another thread, it has worked the last 2 night as legendary gear is dropping like crazy from farming Graveward and the Takedown, well, up until Wotan, who I have been unable to beat.


I just mentioned to somebody else that I had been experiencing what you’re talking about on Xbox when I was Mayhem 3 using FL4K. It was suggested to me to change down to Mayhem 1 while I’m farming and it’s made a tremendous difference with the amount of legendary gear that’s dropping. I’ve farmed Graveward and Takedown over the past 2 nights doing this.


1st phase shoot shock under yellow shield, then spray with corrosive once shield is down. When shield is back up, run inside outer yellow shield and use shock to break outer shield. Once that is done, secondary inner, use the launch pads to launch shock at him from above. Once breaks, he will split, kill top half then use shock bring down remaining shield and finish him off.

Shock/Corr cutsman or scourage can make fight easy.

Also keep a mindful eye on the deathspheres, you usually know they are around when you start taking heavy damage. They also make noises you can recognize if you have headphones or good stereo.

Hope that helps.


Just farmed Unstoppable with Zane on tvhm/MH4 on PS4. About 20 kills and he showed up every time and dropped 1 Sitorak and 3 Big Boom Blasters. Unfortunately, none were anointed. Interestingly, all the good drops were in the first 10 or so runs then it went dry. Not sure that means anything since these are relatively small numbers. Will try again another time 'cuz I’d like an anointed Sitorak.

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After dropping to Mayhem 1, I got an anointed first run. It was action skill end though so gonna keep trying.


I farmed an anoint d it’s piss with on granade throw yesterday from sloth and thunk. I was playing on M4 normal mode. It took about two hours, but it definitely happens. I also got quite a few it’s piss’ anointed and not.

After my luck with the unstoppable - dropping literally nothing at times - I just decided to stick to Mayhem 1

That’s an interesting point. Although, I have noticed an increase in legendary drops for my split screen character when my main character has luck equipped.

There must be something wrong with mayhem. Like the bonuses from higher mayhem are actually looping back around and providing lower drop rate than no mayhem at all.

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Because what was said is different than what was received.

I wouldn’t say that. There are a lot of codes to go through and it seems like it was an error regarding the luck stat - which is increased as you increase the mayhem. I saw on Twitter it wasn’t 900+ individual codes to go through and then changing one might affect another etc.

My only gripe is that nothing is being said about it. I can only farm a couple of hours a day and as much as I want to make my perfect Zane, I just don’t think i’m going to be able to by the time the event is over.

But I think it’s a bit far to call them incompetent. I’m sure they’re working on it.