Experience nerd badly

Did the nerf the exp because I was playing on mayhem 3 and level up like crazy now when a kill dosen’t gave me to much like before

Not to my knowledge. Are you farming Graveward? Or just normal enemies

Yes I was farming but when i kill it gave me 3 level with 210k exp now it will give you less including normal enemies as well

There was a hotfix released today which did affect some aspects of Mayhem mode. Check the News section or the BL3 support page for more info.

It say loot drop not exp

If you can help me be more specific, because it only say loot drop(gun,shield, etc)but it dosen’t we adjust exp in mayhem mode

Ah Loot drop fixes were definitely seen for me. I was getting like 6 or 7 legendaries on GW on Mayhem 1 consistently but it took me a good 7 tries to get just one. So now I gotta go to mayhem 2. Surprised they haven’t fixed the Pipe bomb yet.

I not care, I just want to know if they nerf exp simple question and they can’t answer,I getting trigger

If it’s not mentioned, I doubt it’s been nerfed. XP gain does vary though - usually, the higher your character level relative to the enemies, the less XP you get per kill. That said, I don’t know how the scaling in Mayhem mode works, so I don’t know whether or not this explains what you’re seeing. There are also gear items that buff XP gain - if you’d been using one earlier then switched it out, that would also have an effect.

The patch today didn’t include changes made to XP gain in Mayhem Mode.


I not sure about that,I level up 3 time when I kill the second vault monster it gave me 210k exp,now gave me less it, if you didn’t nerf explain that I was look video about the exp farm and I not even close to get 210k

The picture is one of the many video farm exp on YouTube 20190919_141444|690x374

That picture says that your character is level 50 and you gained 242k XP… I feel like I’m missing something here?

I get 28k exp when I kill it or is something to do with the time to kill it fast to gain more, I am investigate people comment about this problem and they have the same issue. Everyone say the nerf exp

Maybe Guardian Rank works a bit like OP levels? If that’s the case, possibly the more you rank up, the more over-levelled you are and effectively the less XP you earn for the same kill? That’s just a guess on my part - nowhere near that level in my own game yet. Something to check out though.

I guess, thank for the help