Experience Points Per Level?

Hey guys.

Has anyone ever figured out some numbers on how many experience points per level it takes to level up in TPS?

It seems to me that you level up a lot faster in TPS versus the previous two titles?

Also, it seems like in BL1, from 50 on, they did not increase the exp needed per level (Eridian Promontory runs will get you from 50 to 69 in a matter of hours) whereas in 2 and TPS they greatly increased the amount of experience you need to level up post 50.

With TPS being markedly shorter (but with much more emphasis on morality and character development) did they make the exp needed per level less as opposed to more needed in 1 and 2 as you had more to do in game?

It increases with each level. 69 to 70 was around 320,000 I believe.

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Experienced points, from what I read, are the same from Borderlands 1 through Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. Here is the table for reference:

Borderlands Experience Points

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